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history of iPad

History of iPad 2: Thinner, lighter, faster, and more smartly covered

Counting down to the 2014 iPads, we look back at the iPad 2, which introduced not only a sleeker design, but a more focused purpose

On March 2, 2011, Steve Jobs returned to the keynote stage after a long period of medical leave. It was the second-to-last keynote he'd ever present, and he received a long, loud standing ovation. He and Apple had been working on something for a long time, and he didn't want to miss it. The original iPad was supposed to have been magical, but no one, not even Apple, had known exactly how it would weave its spell. A year later and they had a much, much better idea. Where previously they'd known they'd had something, now they were beginning to understand just exactly what they had. It was thinner. It was lighter. It was faster. It was more smartly covered. But it wasn't just about the technology anymore. That alone was no longer enough. It was about the iPad 2.

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History of iPad (original): Apple makes the tablet magical and revolutionary

Counting down to the 2014 iPads, we look back at the original in 2010, the one that put the post in post-PC

On January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs took the stage at an Apple special event to give what was one of the most important keynotes of his life and, once again, in the history of consumer electronics. The Mac had been introduced decades before, the iPhone only a few years, yet on that stage, at that event, Jobs would make the case that there was room for a new category of device in between the two. A new category of device that, in order to exist, had to be not only better at certain key tasks, but significantly better at them.. It had to be the iPad.

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