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Apple to shutter iAd App Network on June 30

In an announcement on its developer news site, Apple has informed developers that it will be shuttering the iAd App Network on June 30.

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Why would the head of iAd Marketplaces have to leave Apple to more deeply track customer data?

Winston Crawford, the former head of iAd Marketplaces, has left Apple to join a startup dedicated to tracking people as they switch devices and as they go from online to in-store purchases. So why not just do that at Apple?

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Apple's bringing smarter and automated iAds to iTunes Radio

Apple today has extended automated iAd purchasing to iTunes Radio, along with the introduction of a new ad-targeting system called Customer Match.

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Automated iAd sales begin with a trio of partners

Apple's official expanding the breadth of iAd ad system for iPhone and iPad by partnering with three established advertising firms: Rubicon Project, MediaMath, and AdRoll. The first actually posted the news two days ago, and now we're learning more about the full extent of the collaboration that will bring more advertisers into the iAd fold, possibly helping boost revenues for both developers using Apple's advertising platform and for Apple themselves.

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Apple expands iAd to 70 new countries

Apple announced today that its iAD platform is now available in 70 more countries. This brings the total number of countries covered up to 95, which equates to a pretty aggressive expansion for Apple's iAD platform.

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Anyone with an Apple ID can now create iAds

If you’re reading this, you probably have an Apple ID. And that means you can now open an account with iAd Workbench. You, too, can be a digital Mad Man! Before today, you had to be a registered mobile app developer to take advantage of Apple’s iAds. By lowering the barrier to entry, Apple falls more in line with the likes of Facebook and more recently Twitter in competing for advertising dollars. Only question now is what do you have to sell?

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Are fullscreen, auto-playing iAds on the way?

Apple might be preparing to offer new fullscreen, video iAds that play automatically. Described as TV commercial-like "interstitials," the ads would interrupt whatever a user was doing in an app at the time.

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Apple struggles to forge relationships with advertisers; keeps tight hold on consumer data

Apple is having a hard time courting advertisers for its iAd program, with buyers seeing them as too slow and unwilling to build relationships in ways that advertisers prefer. Despite the desire of media buyers to work with them, Apple continues to trail companies like Google and Facebook in advertising revenue.

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Rumored iRadio to be supported by in-stream advertising; wait, really?

If the rumors are to be believed, one of Apple's announcements at the WWDC keynote on Monday will be a music streaming service. Currently referred to as iRadio, the latest reports suggest that not only are the three big labels now on board, but that Apple will launch it as a free service supported by advertising. Wait, what?

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Apple tells developers they can generate more revenue with iAd, now serving rich media to iPad

Apple has sent out a new email to developers to promote their still struggling iAd platform, and advise about revenue generation possibilities and new rich media ads for iPad.

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