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ipad mini event

Apple streaming iPad mini event to iPhone, iPad, Mac as well

In addition to Apple TV and it's new events channel, Apple will also be streaming today's iPad and Mac event over the internet, to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac, via Apple.com.

Watch a live video stream of the special event online or via Apple TV starting at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Here's the important part to note, however:

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What do you think Apple will announce at the iPad mini event? [Poll]

What do you think Apple will announce at the Oct. 23 event?

We've put up our iPad mini event preview, where we went through all the stuff we think Apple may announce tomorrow at their October event. So now it's your turn! What are your predictions?

Since we keep calling it the iPad mini event, we really kind of hope that'll be on the official Keynote list, but what else do you expect to see? Updated iPad 3? A new iMac and Mac mini? What about a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro? Any chance for a new Mac Pro or Retina MacBook Air? Too soon? To physically impossible?

Any updates on deck for peripherals? Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad 2? A newer, better keyboard maybe? New Thunderbolt displays with USB 3?

And how about software? iTunes 11 seems almost certain, but could there be more to it than we've seen so far? Could iOS 6.1 make an appearance? What about iOS 6.0.1? And what features would you want to see?

Could there be a new version of iLife and more urgently, iWork for Mac? Aperture, Final Cut Pro, or Logic due for an update?

iBooks 3.0 should get shown off, but will iBooks for Mac? Will any brand new apps debut? Anything exclusive to the iPad mini?

We're less than a day away, this is your last chance to weigh in -- what to do you expect to see at Apple's Oct. 23 event?

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October 23 preview: Imagining Apple's iPad mini event

Back in May, iMore learned Apple would be going ahead with a 7-inch iPad and targeting an October release. Now Apple has gone and announced an October 23, 2012 event, and while we won't know the exact agenda until Apple executives take the California Theater stage, it's widely expected that the iPad mini will be star of the show. But it won't be the whole show. Whether Apple runs the October iPad/Mac event like the September iPhone/iPod event, as essentially two separate events glued together, or whether they run them as a single event like the WWDC Keynote that flows from one topic to another, rumors persist of a focus on iBooks, of an updated iPad 3, of new Macs, and perhaps of more.

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iBooks 3.0 appears in iTunes listing ahead of iPad mini event

Looks like iBooks 3.0 may be making an appearance at this Tuesday's iPad mini event, at least if specifications that mysteriously showed up in a book listing on the iBookstore is correct.

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MacBreak Weekly 321: Hollow it out Like a Tauntaun

Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, and yours truly discuss everything from the finally-shipping Lightning adapters to space jumps to Thunderbolt Displays to, oh yeah, the upcoming Apple event on October 23.

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Apple iPad mini event Retina wallpaper

We've gotten a ton of requests for an iPad Retina wallpaper version of the October 23 iPad mini event invitation, so I whipped this one together quickly. It's not great, more Photoshop trickery, less painstaking re-building of the original like I did for the iPhone 5 event wallpaper, but it's a little more complex and I need to get the iPod reviews done, so it's all I have time for at the moment.

I'm putting it up in the iMore wallpaper forum as well, so if anyone has any others/betters, please add them in.

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Apple to release as many as 24 new iPad/iPad mini models next week

According to a leaked product list, Apple may launch as many as 24 iPad models, including the new iPad mini at their just-announced October 23 event next week. If accurate, that would likely include storage, color, and radio variants, which is fairly typical for any new Apple product. 9to5Mac scored the list:

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Apple sends out invitations to October 23 iPad mini event

Apple has begun sending out invitations to select members of the media for their upcoming October 23 special event, widely considered to be focused on the iPad and Macs.

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New details on new Macs rumored for Oct. 23 Apple event

Apple is reportedly holding an iPad mini event on Tuesday, October 23, and iMore has heard for a while that new Macs would likely be along for the ride. That includes a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, new iMacs, and a new Mac mini.

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Apple iPad mini event indeed likely to be held Tuesday, October 23

Apple looks set to unveil their long-rumored, eagerly anticipated new iPad mini at a special media event just over two weeks from now. According to John Paczkowski of All Things D, however, it'll be the Tuesday, October 23 rather than the traditional Wednesday.

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