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Mobile Advertising

Apple getting cut of Baidu ad revenue

Baidu, China's most prominent search engine, has an ad revenue sharing agreement in place with Apple, according to a recent phone interview. There aren't any details on exactly how much of a cut Apple is getting, but apparently it's similar to what Baidu has in place with Google for their Android handset. An analyst estimated that Baidu distributes less than 10% of mobile ad revenue with manufacturers.

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Apple lowers iAd buy-in rate, increases revenue sharing

Apple has made a couple of adjustments to its iAd mobile advertising platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, including significantly lowering the buy-in price to $100,000 -- down from $500,000, which was already down from $1,000,000 -- and to increasing developer revenue sharing to 70 percent -- up from 60 precent.

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Apple cuts minimum iAd purchase price in half

Apple has cut the minimum purchase price for advertisers on its mobile iAd network from $1 million to $500,000 in an effort to appeal to smaller companies and help broaden the mobile advertising platform, according to All Things Digital.

The new entry point is $500,000, a significantly smaller commitment, particularly for smaller brands and agencies that are creating and producing their own iAds.

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Google likes Apple's clarified iOS advertising policy

Google Vice President of Product Management, Omar Hamoui, has just posted about the changes made this morning to Apple's iOS developer licensing agreement, specifically the section referring to in-app advertising:

Today, Apple updated their iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Unlike the previous version, these new terms ensure that Apple’s developers have the choice of a variety of advertising solutions (including Google’s and AdMob’s) to earn money and fund their apps. Apple’s new terms will keep in-app advertising on the iPhone open to many different mobile ad competitors and enable advertising solutions that operate across a wide range of platforms.

Read the whole things for why this is great news for everyone, from consumers to developers to puppy dogs (that's not me being facetious -- it really is).

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: on iAds and how Flurry made Apple furious

Steve Jobs, speaking at the D8 Conference, thinks Apple is naive, because one day they read that Flurry analytics detected them testing new iPhone and iPad devices by getting developers to put code in their apps that send geolocation and other data from customers back to Flurry. They don't ask customers for consent, violates Apple's privacy rules. It "pissed Apple off".

Even with IadsApple won't block other advertisers but they've decided analytics can only be used for advertising, not to be sent to 3rd parties for sale and for leaking Apple technology. (Steve was fiery mad!)

No excuse not to ask a customer for consent to send private data. Maybe after Apple calms down they'll talk to some of these analytics firms, but it won't be today.

Video after the break! (Again, fiery mad!)

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Apple shows off iAd mobile advertising platform

Steve Jobs thinks current mobile advertising sucks and Apple's answer for iPhone OS 4 is iAd, an HTML5 platform that gives developers a 60% cut of revenue and provides... what basically looks like ads as apps.

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Apple to Unveil Google-Competing iAd Mobile Advertising Platform on April 7?

MediaPost reports that Apple is getting ready to announce a mobile advertising service (potentially called iAd) to Madison Avenue on April 7.

[It's been] described as "revolutionary" and "our next big thing" by Apple chief Steve Jobs, according to executives familiar with the plan.

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Apple Jobs: Music Lost to Thumbplay , Security Gained from Mozilla/Microsoft, Mobile Advertising Wants SDK Manager, iBooks Store Wants Canada and Australia

Lots of movement on the Apple jobs (as in employment, not Steve) front lately, so here's a look at the recent loss of a music exec to Thumbplay, the gain of a security chief from Mozilla (and before that Microsoft), and they're hiring a Mobile Advertising team and an iBooks Store lead for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Apple Acquisition Quattro Wireless to Provide "Seamless" Advertising Option for iPhone Developers

During the Q4 2010 conference call, Apple stated that their acquisition of Quattro Wireless would allow them to provide a "seamless" mobile advertising option for iPhone and iPod touch (and presumably iTablet?) developers, especially developers of free apps.

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Steve Jobs Thinks "Mobile Ads Suck", Intends iTunes-style Fix?

BusinessWeek is reporting that, according to the cliched "source familiar with the situation", Apple CES Steve Jobs thinks "mobile ads suck" in their current form (oh, hai, Google!) and intends to do for them what he did for music with iTunes and mobile with the iPhone -- revolutionize it.

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