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Next Generation

First Chinese counterfeit of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G -- attack of the next gen iClones!

While most of us thought those first leaked images of the next-gen iPhone were fakes, MacRumors has found themselves the first true Chinese iClone of the soon to be announced next generation iPhone.

This bad boy is officially called "GPS-PHONE" and features a front facing camera, TV antenna, mini USB interface, camera flash, and even supports the installation of Java applications.


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White iPhone HD/iPhone 4G spotted fully assembled

Look what is making it's debut appearance courtesy of Chinese site - a fully assembled white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G. So if the white faceplate was not enough to convince you, the image above should sway you.

With WWDC 2010 only being just a few short weeks away, we can not wait for this device to be officially announced by Steve! Pick your poison, what color will you be choosing - white or black?

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AT&T rolling back upgrade eligibility dates for next iPhone?

We have some good news for those of you who are AT&T customers as it appears the carrier is rolling back upgrade eligibility dates for early adopters of last years iPhone 3GS. I have been keeping an eye on my upgrade date online for the past two weeks waiting for it to change from 11/20 with no luck just yet but a MobileCrunch reader has noticed a change to their account.

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