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office 365

The future of apps is services

As developers figure out ways to turn software into services, we'll continue to see subscription models like Smile's new TextExpander try to take root. How successful they will are is a function of utility, and perceived value.

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Office 365 subscribers can sign up to get early updates of Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft is now allowing Office 365 subscribers on the Mac to sign up for Office Insider. The program will allow those users to get updates to Office 2016 apps early to test them out and provide feedback to Microsoft before the updates are released to all Office users.

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Office 365 Video facilitates corporate communications, iOS app now available

Microsoft is expanding its Office 365 portfolio with a new service called Office 365 Video that allows companies to upload and share videos with ease within the organization.

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Office 365 subscribers on iPad can now claim a refund as mobile editing goes free

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be making certain Office features available for free on iOS, including the ability to create and edit documents. Previously, users had to buy an Office 365 subscription to access the functionality. If you bought an Office 365 Personal or Home subscription just to be able to edit documents on your iPad, you are now eligible to receive a refund from Microsoft.

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Microsoft releases new Outlook for Mac

Microsoft has released the latest version Outlook for Mac, complete with a new design that's ready for OS X Yosemite. The new Outlook has several performance and speed improvements and new features, including faster email downloads and Exchange Web Services syncing.

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Microsoft announces new SDKs for Android and iOS, teams up with IFTTT, others

Microsoft today announced a wealth of new functionality for its Office 365 suite that will enable developers to add a number of new features to Android and iOS applications.

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All Office 365 subscribers to get free unlimited OneDrive cloud storage space

Microsoft is now giving all of its Office 365 subscribers free unlimited cloud storage space via its OneDrive service. The roll out will begin today and will continue over the next several months. That means people will be able to store any amount of data on OneDrive for as low as $6.99 a month with an Office 365 Personal subscription.

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Office 365 Personal subscription plan launched, includes iPad editing

Microsoft has today unveiled a cheaper subscription option for Office 365 – Personal. Previously, consumers had to fork out $10 a month for the Home package, allowing up to 5 installations of Office. With the new iPad suite now available, the company has launched a package that limits installations, but opens up support for iPads and comes with a more affordable price tag.

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Tim Cook welcomes Office for iPad...and Apple's 30% cut of in-app purchases

Tim Cook publicly welcomed Microsoft Office for iPad via Twitter today, and Apple will be taking a 30% cut of all in-app purchase revenue from the new apps. This is standard practice for the App Store and means that Microsoft will indeed be surrendering a cut of all Office 365 subscriptions it sells that way. So, there's every reason for Apple to be doubly excited.

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Microsoft offering limited number of free year subscriptions to Office 365 for iPad owners

Along with today's big Microsoft Office for iPad announcement comes news of a special promotion offering a year's free Office 365 access to iPad owners. There are a couple of caveats, however, which include limited availability and the small detail that you need to go to a Microsoft retail store to claim it.

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