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Apple updates its ‘Why iPhone’ page with news of its ninth customer satisfaction award

Last week Apple sent out marketing emails informing its customers of reasons why they should buy the iPhone 5. Apple also launched a web page called “Why iPhone” which listed a host of features, one of which was touting the iPhone as the J.D. Power and Associates choice for customer satisfaction for a staggering eight years running. Well that page was quickly outdated earlier this week when we heard the iPhone had picked up the award for the ninth year running.

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Power users vs. empowered users

There's a general feeling in the Apple community that power users are being ignored if not abandoned, as iPhones and iPads take the spotlight from Macs, and OS X is made to look and work more like iOS. Power users look at the cancelled XServe and the lack of Mac Pro updates, at the lack of Pro Apps or even iWork updates, at iMacs sealed up like MacBook Airs, at file systems abstracted away, and ecosystems tightly controlled, and we wonder where exactly Apple sees our place in their future. If they see a place for us at all.

And yes, in many ways, in painful ways, in sad ways, Apple is ignoring if not flat out abandoning power users, but they're doing it in a way that will eventually result in far broader, deeper base of users becoming empowered. That will let more people do more stuff.

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OtterBox announces waterproof case, battery case, and their first app for iPhone

At CES 2013, OtterBox announced the Armor Series for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, their first waterproof case in a long time. The arguably more interesting product OtterBox was showing off at the show was the Defender Series with Ion Intelligence - a new variant with an integrated backup battery and a dedicated iOS application for monitoring how much juice is left in the pack and in your iPhone.

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Waka Waka Power solar charger seeks Kickstarter funding, charge your iPhone with just the power of the sun

The Waka Waka personal solar power station is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The Waka Waka Power is a personal solar power station which can power your iPhone and iPad using just the power of the sun. The Waka Waka Power has been created on the back of a previously successful Kickstarter campaign for the original Waka Waka which was a solar powered LED light.

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Charging your iPad costs as little as $1.36 a year according to the EPRI

Charging your iPad every other day only costs you around $1.36 for a full year's use according to a report by the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). We already knew that the iPad had amazing battery life but it is always interesting to find out approximately what it costs to keep it charged for a full year. The EPRI carried out extensive tests and discovered that it only consumes 12 kWh of electricity in a year.

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How's the battery life on your new iPad?

Now that you've had some time to get used to your new iPad, how long is it lasting you? Our review shows that we've got about 9 hours of usage on the LTE model, and that's consistent with Apple's listed lifespan, as well as the results found in AnandTech's testing.

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PlugBug piggy backs onto your Mac charger, simultaneous iPhone or iPad charging from one point [video]

Twelve South has unveiled the PlugBug which is its latest addition to an ever expanding Mac and iOS accessory range. The PlugBug is an accessory that piggy backs onto your existing Mac power supply and turns it into a dual charger. It will now charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as the same time as charging your Mac.

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So Just How Powerful is the iPhone?

As gaming developers grow more familiar with the iPhone platform and learning its capabilities, many are doling out their opinions across the interweb. Compared to the DS and the PSP, an EA developer put the iPhone in terms of power closer to the PSP than the DS. That's nothing new for us at TiPb but now Sega is claiming that the iPhone is more powerful than their last console, the Dreamcast! To remind you: the Dreamcast was home to Soul Caliber, Shenmue, & Virtua Tennis and the console was a competitor of the PS2 and Xbox.

And. the. iPhone. is. more. powerful. than. that.

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