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Google spring cleans Reader out of existence, also trashcans some CalDav, Snapseed for Mac

As part of their "spring cleaning" effort, Google today announced the cancellation of several services, including Google Reader, CalDAV API access (unless you're white listed), Snapseed for Windows and OS X, Search API for Shopping, and more. The trashcannings were announced by Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of technical infrastructure on the Google blog:

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Fill out PDF forms and add annotations & signatures with Adobe Reader for iPad

Adobe Reader for iPad has recieved a great update and now allows users to fill out PDF forms, and mark them up with sticky notes, freehand annotating, highlighting, underline, and strikethroughs.

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Apple reportedly rejects Sony Reader app, changing stance on purchases made outside the App Store?

According to the New York Times, Apple has rejected a few apps recently including Sony’s Reader app, based on the way content is purchased for use within the app. Sony's Reader app is an eBook platform similar to Apple’s own iBooks app and the Amazon Kindle app. Content can be found and purchased outside the app, bypassing Apple's iTunes Store and therefore bypassing Apples slice of the pie.

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Google eBooks start going live for iPhone, iPad

The long rumored Google eBooks service appears to have gone live today... somewhat. The service allows you to not only read books on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, but on the web or on Android phones, Nook, and Sony devices. The iOS webpage boasts over 8,000 titles already available for download.

The only problem right now is the fact that the native app isn't currently available for iPhone or iPad yet. (I'm getting the "The item you've requested is not currently available in the US Store" error but we'll update when that's sorted out.)

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Reeder for iPad updated, adds Facebook support

Reeder for iPad, which syncs with your Google Reader account and pulls in all your RSS feeds in the blink of an eye, had been updated to version 1.2 and now has added support for posting to Facebook and Zootool. Once iOS 4.2 drops (soon please) Reeder will work in the background using the task completion process, allowing you to leave the app and do other things while the sync occurs in the background.

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iBooks vs Kindle app- Which one should you use?

Ever since the iBooks was announced, this is probably the single biggest issue an avid ebook reader will ultimately have to deal with: Kindle app or iBooks. What should you pick? Well, no one can tell you that for certain, but I hope to give you a little insight that might help you decide.

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App vs App: Classics vs Stanza eBook Readers for the iPhone

It seems that e-book readers are going to be technology's next big thing. With the Kindle being named Oprah’s favorite gadget and other e-book reading devices battling for pole position, the e-book reader is populating daily culture. But who wants to pay that much money for a dedicated reading device that is admittedly limited and still has no true standard format?

Insert iPhone. We all know that the iPhone does a great job in converging multiple devices, why not add being an e-book reader to its capabilities? Obviously we won’t have any e-ink technology in the iPhone but the e-book readers in the iPhone, Classics and Stanza, offer ease of use and a great free selection—plus you don’t have to plop down an extra 400 dollars to read a book.

See what we think of Classics and Stanza in our App vs App!

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NetNewsWire: Web App vs. Native App

People that use RSS often use web-based readers such as Google Reader, Bloglines or NewsGator to view their news feeds. The first two choices are great, but NewsGator has something special on the iPhone; a native app. That's right, no more web apps for RSS, the "news" has gone native baby!

What is NewsGator Online?

NewsGator is a service for personal and professional social networking. They have different applications on many platforms that bring information together. Google has probably coined it best, "RSS is the inbox for the Web". Our focus in this review is with NewsGator's free, personal services for RSS on the iPhone.

NewsGator's web app for the iPhone is called... NewsGator, I know, original. This web app allows for users of the free NewsGator service to view their RSS feeds in an optimized format on the iPhone. Let's take a look at how it works.

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Weekly Web App Review: Zinio Mobile Newsstand

Are you an avid magazine reader? Do you look at your iPhone and think that it’d be the perfect device to read digital magazines? Well, Zinio Mobile Newsstand for the iPhone offers such digital magazines in high-resolution glory. With loads of popular magazines in tow, Zinio Mobile Newstand gives iPhone users a free look at issues that typically cost anywhere from $5 to $10.

How does it perform? Can you actually read anything?

Read on for the rest of the review!

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Weekly Web App Review: AOL Search for iPhone

Looking for an alternative search for your iPhone? Though not “built in”, AOL’s mobile search optimized for iPhone is surprisingly good. Let’s take a look at what makes it so good!

It’s Pretty

When you search in Google, specifically Google Mobile for iPhone, you have a neat feature: it gives you suggestions as you type. After that, I don’t think that Google mobile does anything specifically well, other than meaningful searches. This is what sets AOL search apart from its competition, it displays the results well. Its closest competitor, Yahoo One Search renders poorly on the iPhone in my opinion, the fonts are too large among other issues. The AOL search experience feels right.

Information is broken into sections. Let’s see how a simple search for “movies” is rendered after I have set my default location.

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