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ReadQuick 3.1.2 brings integration with Instapaper, Evernote, and more

ReadQuick has hit version 3.1.2, fixing bugs and adding integration with services like Instapaper, Evernote, and Pocket, to allow you to quickly read the stories and notes you have stored with those services.

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ReadQuick 3 arrives with a new design, iCloud sync, and more speed

ReadQuick, the speed-reading app, has hit version 3, offering a brand new look, iCloud sync, and its very own extension. The app is also faster, with a maximum reading speed of 1,000 words per minute.

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ReadQuick updated for iOS 7, Instapaper and Pocket

ReadQuick, the universal iPhone and iPad app that helps you learn to speed read faster, has been updated with an entirely new iOS 7-style design. It's iOS 7 only now, which means it can use a lot of the new technologies Apple released last year to go along with it, and ReadQuick also ties into Instapaper and Pocket, so read-later becomes read-faster as well.

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ReadQuick comes to iPhone, makes your speed-reading even more mobile

ReadQuick has always been a phenomenal way to not only get great stuff to read on your iPad, but to get better at reading faster. Now, with version 1.5, they've taken all that speed-reading training and made it even more mobile. That's right, ReadQuick is now a universal app that also supports the iPhone and iPod touch.

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Speed your way through your reading list with ReadQuick for iPad

ReadQuick lets you read everything you care about, while teaching you to read it faster at the same time. With support for both Instapaper and Pocket, partners including Longreads, Talking Points Memo, The Feature, and GigaOm, and a full, built-in browser, ReadQuick presents a word at a time, at a pace of your choosing, and the more you use it, the faster your reading and comprehension will become.

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