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Sirius Xm

Updated: iPhone Sirius XM Application Now Available But Wait... No Stern?!

Update: TiPb contacted Sirius XM regarding the omission on some of their most popular content within

If you've been waiting for this application I'm sure you are well aware of the history leading up to it's release. Well, TiPb is here to tell you that you can finally wave hello to the long awaited Sirius XM streaming application. [iTunes Link] The application is free to download and there are a few monthly payment options available to you:


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iPhone Sirius XM App Finally Gets Outed!

It was only one day ago that TiPb asked, where is the official Sirius XM iPhone application? Well it seems like our question has, for the most part, been answered.

"The SIRIUS XM app will deliver an expanded programming lineup that includes SIRIUS XM's exclusive sports talk, news, comedy, and 100% commercial free music channel, as well as new talk, comedy, and music showcase channels."

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What Ever Happened to the Sirius XM App for iPhone?

It's been a while since we've heard anything regarding the rumored official Sirius XM application for the iPhone. (If you are not familiar with the situation be sure to check out TiPb's complete Sirius XM coverage!) Now a report from SeekingAlpha has pointed us to a App Store app called ReachMD. [iTunes Link]

What makes this application interesting is that it streams, with no subscription needed, Sirius XM's channel 160 - MedicalRadio - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Sirius to Stream Content to iPhones (Officially)

Well it is official, Sirius XM will be streaming it's satellite radio content sometime this spring according to CNBC. This announcement has come very quickly after Nicemac announced they were closing shop and this is exactly what we predicted was going on from the first time StarPlayr was "not accepted" by Apple. Mel Karmazin, chief executive of New York-based Sirius said:


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StarPlayr for iPhone Officially Waves Bye

Is this really a surprise to anyone who was following the whole Sirius StarPlayr for the iPhone debacle? No wonder Nicemac said their iPhone StarPlayr app was "not rejected" but rather "not approved". It looks like they ran into some sirius issues with Sirius XM and not Apple. Which I might point out, is what many of our readers predicted.

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UPDATED: Apple Waves Bye Bye to the uSirius StarPlayr App... for iPhone for Now?

UPDATED: Developer NiceMac provided an update in the comments:

The app was not rejected, however it could not be approved at this time.

It does no good to send hate mail to or bash Apple or any other involved parties. In fact, it could damage relationships required to get this product to market.

Instead, we encourage positive emails and messages of support to all those involved.

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uSirius StarPlayr: Sirius XM Radio on Your iPhone

This past week has not been a good one for Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Reports of the company preparing for a bankruptcy filing have been all over the news. On the bright side of things, uSirius StarPlayr, which allows you to listen to all of your favorite satellite stations streamed directly onto your iPhone, is on the horizon.

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