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With the PS4 companion app for iOS, buy a new game and have it waiting for you at home

Back in February we first heard about Sony's plans for a companion app for iOS to their new PlayStation 4 console. Part of the functionality will be a mobile store – sort of like the one Steam already offers – where you will be able to purchase new PS4 titles on the go. Now it seems that it goes a little further than that.

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Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island takes to the Infinite Skies with latest update

Sony had pushed out the first update to their PlayStation All-Stars Island game for iOS adding a whole new game mode, Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies. The free game was released a few weeks ago as a collaboration with Coca-Cola and initially featured an endless runner starring Drake from the Uncharted series of games.

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Sony's rumored Lens Camera range could change the way we look at mobile photography

We often say, that the best camera you have is the one you have with you all the time; your smartphone. In many cases that's true, allowing us to quickly capture those priceless snaps that otherwise may never be. I've been spending a lot of time with mobile cameras in recent days and weeks, particularly the Nokia Lumia 925 – results coming soon – and I'm really starting to believe in that.

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Sony said to be prepping camera lens iPhone accessories

Sony is reportedly preparing to launch new iPhone - and Android phone - accessories that have enhanced camera hardware, including better lenses, built in. They might also have Wi-Fi and an SD card slot built in. The lenses attach to smartphones magneticall. Right now, there are two models according to SonyAlphaRumors:

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Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island hits the App Store as a giant Coca Cola ad

A new and free game from Sony has hit European App Stores, that so far brings Drake from the hugely popular Uncharted series to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island will eventually bring together characters from other franchises by way of a free update, but the first game to play sees Uncharted meet Temple Run as Drake chases a Coke. Oh, that's the other thing; this is one huge, giant advertisement for Coca Cola Zero, and according to IGN is only available right now in Europe:

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Screen Time 28: Kings of the Keynote

I joined Moisés Chiullan on his 5by5 show, Screen Time last week to talk about how companies communicate with their stakeholders, including investors, developers, and customers/end users. Or in Sony's case with the PS4 event, how they failed to. As Moisés put it:

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Sony targets potential iPhone converts with its updated Xperia Transfer software

Sony has released an update to its Xperia Transfer software suit that it offers free of charge to users of its Xperia branded handsets. The latest update looks to seamlessly ease iPhone users over to the Xperia’s Android platform by helping them transfer their content from their iPhone. The software claims to be able to transfer an iPhone’s contacts, messages, calendar entries, notes, bookmarks, and iTunes music.

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Official Sony PlayStation 4 second screen app coming to iPhone and iPad

Sony held a press conference yesterday to announce its upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. One of the additional things that Sony also announced was a new app that would allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to be used as a second screen device with the PS4 console.

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iPad mini installed in the dash of a VW Jetta as an in car entertainment front end

The guys from Soundwaves of Tampa are renowned for always looking to install the latest in car entertainment systems. Thankfully with the release of the smaller iPad mini, staying at the forefront has become much easier. The iPad mini is the perfect size and fit as a front end to a top of the range car audio system.

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Xperia, Galaxy Note, Ativ-S, Galaxy Camera: New Sony, Samsung phones come out to play at IFA 2012

Our Mobile Nations sibling sites, Android Central, and WPCentral are live at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and since Apple doesn't attend any shows but their own -- expected on September, 12, of course -- that leaves the stage wide open to companies like Sony and Samsung to show off new Xperia T, Galaxy Note 2, Ativ-S, and other devices. Here's what we've seen so far...

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