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Third Gen Ipod Touch

iPod touch (2009) review

For our iPhone 3GS hardware review, we joked it was the same as last year, end of story. Thanks to Apple, we're left with pretty much the same opening line here: the iPod touch G3 is the same as last year.

Except, of course, like the iPhone 3GS, that outward assessment doesn't tell the inner story at all, and while Apple marketing didn't see fit to call this the iPod touch S, that inner story is again all about speed.

Note: You'll see a lot of "like the iPhone 3GS here" because, frankly, it is and we reviewed that member of Apple's mobile platform family first. That also means we'll focus on what differences there are, and we'll also take a look at whether the iPod touch G3 is a good choice for those who want in on Apple's iPod and App Store ecosystem, but don't want an iPhone or smartphone contract. (Yes, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Android, and feature-phone users want an "App for That" too...)

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iPod touch Speed Test: How Much Faster is 50%?

In typical Apple fashion, they announced the new third generation iPod touch 32GB and 64GB as being 50% faster than the previous generation (the 8GB is the same old bag as last year), with nary a word on what chipsets made it so.

Well, some digging has been done, and some benches have been marked, and the early word is... zoom zoom.

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Why the iPod touch G3 Camera was Yanked, and Rightly So

Everyone, including Steve Jobs, has very reasonable sounding theories as to why the third gen iPod touch camera was removed. Rather than rehash it again, however, we thought we'd let our minds wonder into parody, and consider what might have happened in a world only slightly more cartoonish than ours...

Steve Jobs, fresh from his recent leave of absence, comes crashing back into Apple's Cupertino campus, and after fixing the typography on the iPhone 3G S 3GS, tweaking some pixels on the Snow Leopard icons, and spending time meditating deep in the iTablet vault, he heads over to the scorched closet that used to be reserved for iPhone A2DP testing...

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Could the Apple TV be Replaced by the iPhone, iPod, or iTablet?

With Apple consolidating its Apple TV offerings this morning down to a single 160GB SKU at a lower $229 price point, we're once again split between Apple axing their "hobby" or giving it a much-needed refresh.

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Third Gen iPod touch Chip Supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, Has Space for nano-style Camera

We'd heard rumors that the iPhone 3GS would be getting fast 802.11n Wi-Fi to go along with that S for Speed, but that never panned out -- except for the new third generation iPod touch.

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Steve Jobs Speaks: Why There's No Camera in Third Generation iPod touch

Following Apple's It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event, CEO Steve Jobs, fresh from his return to the keynote stage, sat down with the New York Times, and while several topics were discussed, here's the "big question" (and answer):

POGUE: You put a camcorder on the iPod Nano. Why not on the iPod Touch?

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Third Gen iPod touch - More Power, More Storage, Still NO Camera(?!)

Apple just announced the new, third generation iPod touch during their It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event. The big news?

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