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Unreal Engine 3

Unreal development kit coming to iOS

Unreal development kit (UDK) is coming to iOS according to an announcement made by Epic Games at the Korean Games Conference.

What this means is that any iOS developer can download the free UDK and potentially start making worlds as breathtaking as Epic Citadel for iPhone and iPad. Once they've gotten accomplished at it, it sounds like it's a short jump -- and business decision -- to becoming an Unreal Engine 3 licensee and exploding across our iOS devices.

Jobs of War, Cupertino Vice, what Unreal Engine games would you like to see?


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ZOMG!1!1! Unreal Engine 3 Running on iPhone!

Epic, makers of a little game called Gears of War 2, have shown off their Unreal Engine 3... on an iPhone (and iPod touch!). No games announced using it yet, but if there is any Power of Awesome in this 'verse, there will be and soon! Apparently, Epic will also be bringing the Unreal Engine

[AndandTech via Engadget]

Video after the break!

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