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Best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for summer shindigs

Having a reliable Bluetooth speaker that you can keep in the shower, bring to the beach, or toss on the boat makes a huge difference when you're not constantly worried about water damage. Match that protection with jam-up sound quality and you're set for summer outings.

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Fund This: Impervious, an affordable spray-on waterproofing and scratch-resistant coating

The funding campaign for Impervious is in the home stretch of offering affordable, easy-to-apply waterproofing and scratch protection for your iPhone. Users simply spray on and let dry. Apparently there's no residue left behind at all, assuming you follow the instructions. Each treatment is good for three years, though it uses up the whole $30 bottle.

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HzO shows off factory-line waterproofing technology

HzO is a waterproofing technology for smartphones like the iPhone that won't be available to us (the consumers) but will be available to device manufacturers like Apple for use in the production process. (Whether Apple decides to make use of it -- or something similar -- is another story.) The thin coating, which they have named WaterBlock, once applied prevents water from coming in contact with the electronics inside the device, thus making it water resistant and giving you the ability to dunk it and not have worry.

If you're wondering whether it works or not, it surely seems to. Walking around CES 2012, I saw the HzO display with some devices sitting... underneath falling water, still fully functional, like it was nothing. People were using the phones, playing music, just like normal. Even with SIM card and battery exposed, an Android phone remained fully functional. There appeared to be zero damage to any of the electronics.

Again, there's no way to know if Apple will ever use something like this for the iPhone, but we sure hope they do.

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LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S review [giveaway]

While at the most recent Show Stoppers event, I had the opportunity to check out the LifeProof case for iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4). Protection is always key for any of our beloved electronics, and whether you are a mountain biker, a swim lover, or a karate king trying to keep your iPhone protected while doing your favorite event is a struggle -- until you meet LifeProof. The folks at LifeProof have spent a lot of time (over two years) designing this case, and a whole lot of money (over two million dollars) into making sure that their product was the best to hit the market.

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TiPb TV 20: Bond boat bash [giveaway]

We put the original Aquapac and Overboard cases for iPhone 4 through the car wash and into the deep end, so what could we do with Aquapac for iPad 2 and the new Overboard Pro Sport for iPhone? Well, Rene and I had some Amazing Case-style ideas. However, putting the waterproof Acquapac for iPad and Overboard for iPhone through the dishwasher just didn't sound cool. You know what's cool? Putting them head to head in a Bond boat bash!

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Overboard vs Aquapac in iPhone 4 water torture test - Amazing Case [give away]

If you had to trust a water-proof case to protect your precious iPhone 4 during a torture test, which would it be -- the Overboard or the Aquapac? That's the challenge they gave me for the latest episode of TiPb's Amazing Case, our hardcore, case vs case tests of strength, durability, and performance.

We figure if either -- or both -- of these water cases could survive being thrown into the deep end and taken through the high-pressure car wash then they can survive a dip in the tub or day at the beach.

Follow on after the jump for the details, and the give-away!

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