1Password for iOS goes 'Braniac', now fills identities and credit cards, creates logins, and more!

With the new version of 1Password, and the updated action extension, you can now fill more than just passwords in Safari and other apps — you can fill credit card information and personal information, so placing orders and entering shipping addresses is easier than ever. You can also generate new logins when you create a website account for the first time, making sure you not only stay secure, but start that way.

AgileBits has also worked on fixing compatibility between the iPhone 6 Plus, Zoom Mode and 1Password. They've addressed the issue where the lock screen animation was broken on the smartphone, which may even fool you to believe the iPhone was rebooting by causing iOS Springboard to restart.

  • Squinting at usernames and passwords is a thing of the past, thanks to our new Large Type option. Just tap on any username or password and select Large Type from the popup. We've also improved our Dynamic Type support to make 1Password bigger and friendlier for everyone!
  • Tags now pop a bit more because we display them in these fancy little bubbles. (Get it? Bubbles? Pop? We'll see ourselves out….)
  • You might switch time zones, or even cross the International Date Line. The dates in 1Password will stay steadfast, though.
  • Attached to your attachments? We've fixed an issue where sometimes attachments could not be read on some devices.
  • One-time passwords now appear in two groups and are separated by a faded bullet to make them easier to read.
  • If you need to search using Asian language characters, it'll work!
  • So many more bug and crash fixes. Check out http://app-updates.agilebits.com/product_history/OPI5 for the full changelog.

Overall, the AgileBits team have pushed out a superb update that will surely please those who rely on 1Password for not only security and peace of mind, but efficient account management too.

Rich Edmonds