Just ahead of the start of WWDC 2015, Apple is said to be launching a new, Flipboard-like app today during their keynote. The app will reportedly include content samples from media partners like ESPN, The New York Times, and Condé Nast. Partners will apparently keep all of the advertising revenue they make from the app, according to Re/code:

Publishers will keep 100 percent of the advertising they sell within the Flipboard like app. Apple will help sell unsold inventory and will take a cut at rates that one publisher described as "very favorable." Apple will continue to take a 30 percent cut of revenue from subscriptions sold through the publisher's own apps.

At the same time, Apple will also reportedly be shutting down Newsstand, their unified hub for publications on the iPhone and iPad. Instead, publishers will again sell apps on the App Store like any other developer.

We may find out more about this new Apple app in just under an hour, so be sure to keep it locked to the iMore WWDC liveblog for the latest.

Source: Re/code

WWDC 2015


WWDC 2015