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Multipeer, meshed networks, and why risk managers will love them

Apple's gotten a lot of attention recently for iOS 7's multipeer networking frameworks. I covered them briefly in my enterprise and education overview back in September 2013 when iOS 7 first launched but they're worth a closer look. Multipeer networking makes use of Bluetooth, Infrastructure Wi-Fi (like a Wi-Fi Hotspot), and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi (also called Wi-Fi Direct) to create a peer-to-peer meshed network. Once the network has been established, people on that network can share content including messages (think IM), resources (think documents), or stream content. If you have used AirDrop to share pictures or other content with others, you have already used Multipeer Connectivity without knowing it. This is something risk managers in enterprise are going to love, and here's why!

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So, you want to adopt BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the current hot trend. (And has been for a while, really.) There are many perceived advantages for a company that allows employees to bring their own devices to work and have access to your company resources, but is BYOD right for you? Can you make mistakes when developing your BYOD policies? Can you really let any device connect to your resources?

Lets look at a few top issues that you should be aware of.

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iOS 7: What it means for Enterprise, Education, and Government

With iOS 7 Apple has taken their existing support for Enterprise, Education, and Government to the next level, adding even more functionality and better iPhone and iPad device management. This follows years of Apple adding more and more features that allow IT administrators to have more control over iOS devices. iOS obeys all Exchange ActiveSync policies plus it can be further controlled and configured via iOS Configuration Profiles that allow administrators to pre-setup connections to your company’s email system for example, or to pre-setup connections to your company’s secure Wi-Fi networks, but also restrict the device in many ways including preventing access to the iTunes App Store, or the Safari browser. These are just two examples but the list is quite long. Lets take a look at the new management features found in iOS 7...

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