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So, yeah. Favelets and bookmarklets. In the podcast, I promised a review article about useful bookmarklets and favelets, for the iPhone. And here it is.

I've written a few simple bookmarklets as well; it seems a lot of the bookmarklets are designed for web editors, and not always so much for the average web user. I'm guessing that not many regular folks need to edit CSS from the iPhone, and those that do already have those bookmarklets synched over. But still, there's a void for popular sites. It seemed that all I found were eBay, Amazon, and Google sites. So I set out to make a few of my own, and edit a few others so that they'd work on iPhone Safari (henceforth, iSafari).

If you have any requests for a custom bookmarklet, put them in the comments. It has to be said that I make no guarantees that I can make the resulting request as I'm not an expert with javascript by any means, but the worst that can happen is that I say no. Okay, that's not the worst that can happen. The worst is that I say no VERY IMPOLITELY.

As always, the best way to install these bookmarklets to your iPhone is to drag them to the bookmarks bar in Desktop Safari and give them a name you can remember them by. Then, it may be a prudent idea to organize them into a folder. I've organized my bookmarklets in the last bookmark folder in my menu bar, so it's always the last folder I see.

General Searches

  • Find in Page
    From the I-Don't-Understand-Why-It-Wasn't-Built-In Department. This updated version highlights searched-for text as bold with a yellow background it stands out a bit more. It is no help if the background is already yellow. There's not much helping a site with a full-on yellow background, though. At any rate, for those rare occasions, here's one that changes the background to orange.
  • Wikipedia search
    Wikipedia's official bookmarklet for Safari browsers. If it finds a likely result, it will redirect you there. I'm really fond of searching on Wikipedia on the iPhone.
  • wikipedia search
    Did I say I was really fond of Wikipedia search on the iPhone? Well, I am. This bookmarklet brings you to the search results relevance page. It's an extra click, but might be worthwhile to have if you're searching for a term with a less common meaning. [via]
  • Google Image Search
    Google Image Search bookmarklet. [via]
  • Search Google News
    A simple bookmarklet to search Google News. [via]
  • Windows Live Search
    Don't make fun! I wrote this one for Windows Live Searchers on the iPhone; verily a legion unto themselves.

Entertainment Searches

  • Yahoo! Movie Times by Zip code
    This one is pretty self-explanatory. I wrote this one quick to see if Yahoo! results are easier to read on an iPhone than Google results.
  • Google Movie Times by Zip code
    This one is pretty self-explanatory. In some ways, Google's movie results page is not ideal on the iPhone. Be on the lookout for movie results on the right side of the screen, they can get a bit buried and they show up in smaller font. [via]
  • MSN Movie Times by Zip
    Seriously, what self-respecting iPhone user doesn't use MSN for their movie searches? I, for one, use MSN excslusively. As a matter of fact, I'm going to start a LAWSUIT since they didn't make MSN the default search.
  • Movie Reviews
    See what the experts at Rotten Tomatoes thought of the movie you want to see, or the video game you want to buy. [via]
  • Metacritic Reviews
    I've never used Rotten Tomatoes; I tend to use Metacritic for reviews. Metacritic also has the bonus of compiling review scores for more genres than Rotten Tomatoes (Video Games, Movies, TV, Books, and Music). So, I whipped up a bookmarklet to search Metacritic.
  • myspace site search
    Another one I wrote up quick. Brings you directly to the myspace results page. Lord knows just bringing the myspace search page will cost you precious minutes of your life that you cannot get back. The same effect is even more deleterious over EDGE.
  • Facebook site search
    Yet another one I wrote. Quick queries on Facebook. So much cleaner and easier to write than myspace's.
  • Yahoo! Sports Search
    I made this one, hoping it will be useful for quick sports queries. For reasons I'm unfortunately unable to disclose, I often have official need to verify that the Milwaukee Brewers are skidding away from the 1st place they currently hold in their division.
  • YubNub web commands
    YubNub, as their tagline goes, is "a (social) command line for the web." There's a ridiculous amount of commands in YubNub. Shortcuts to Weather Underground, AllMusic, pop open Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Google Groups, Thottbot, MP3 searches... the possibilities are near endless. The downside is that you'd have to remember a bunch of commands to make this useful. But still, I've started using it a bit for some common things. [via]
  • General Amazon search
    A general Amazon search. [via]
  • eBay Search
    An eBay search [via]
  • IMDB Lookup
    Look up a movie in the Internet Movie Database [via]

Writing & Blogging Related Bookmarklets

These are some of the tools that I use to blog and write, though they could be used for many other purposes.

  • Post to Del.icio.us
    Of course, it's always handy to have a bookmark to your del.icio.us bookmarks nearby. [via]
  • Search Del.icio.us
    A kinder, gentler del.icio.us search I made specifically for iPhone users; one that doesn't rub any salt into any wounds.
  • Search Del.icio.us
    This bookmarklet searches through your and everyone's delicious tags. It rubs salt in your wounds by mentioning that you didn't highlight any text, which you can't do on an iPhone. [via]
  • Post page for Movable Type
    Note that this has to be edited, and by you. Replace WWW.EXAMPLE.COM/PATH/TO with the web path to your mt.cgi location. Of course, modern versions of Movable Type have a bookmarklet maker built-in, at the lower right side of the main page. This one, however, you don't have to configure. [via]
  • Thesaurus
    Look up a word on thesaurus.com [via]
  • Dictionary
    Look up a word on dictionary.com [via]
  • open links in new window
    Once you activate this javascript bookmarklet, all links you click will open in a new window instead of replacing the current window. Once you start this one, the fun doesn't stop! Until you reset the phone, from what I can tell. [via]
  • Upload Web Image to Flickr
    Running this bookmarklet will show a page of all of the images on the page. Click on an image to upload it to your flickr account. This one makes me giddy with delight, except for the fact that it doesn't work on iSafari, just Desktop Safari. [via]

Math Tools

These are quick bookmarklets for math. Not something that I use every day, but every once in a while stuff like this is useful to have.

  • Random Number
    This favelet asks you to enter a maximum integer, and generate a random number from 1 to that integer. [via]
  • Calculator
    This one is a simple javascript calculator. It may be handy for anyone that wants to see the formula they're typing in. The order of operands: multiply/divide, then add/subtract. [via]


  • Find Login with BugMeNot
    BugMeNot is a useful site where people can share logins for sites that require compulsory registration. I wrote this one for quick queries on the iPhone.
  • Verify Password
    If I have to login to a website that has a complex password, it's sometimes handy to verify that I typed it in right. [via]
  • generate password
    This is a password generator. I'm not likely to use it, I have my own extremely complicated algorithmic system for generating internet passwords. But, someone else may need something of this sort, so it's included for completeness. [via]

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