Check the Weather for iPhone review

Check the Weather is a great weather app for the iPhone that has an elegant, minimalist design yet offers advanced forecast details including current conditions, hazardous weather alerts, and hourly and extended forecasts. For users within the United States it also shows a live doppler weather radar map and Dark Sky powered short term precipitation forecasts.

The main screen of Check the Weather displays the current temperature, an icon that represents the current conditions, a line graph of the temperature forecast for the next 15 hours or so, and a three day forecast that includes the high, low, and icon that represents the weather conditions. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the time of next sunrise and sunset and in icon that represents the state of the moon (full moon, half moon, crescent). All this information is displayed in a very uncluttered matter and looks clean.

If you swipe up the screen, Check the Weather will reveal a live doppler weather map. You can pinch and zoom on the map and navigate around by swiping and scrolling. The map looks great and performs great.

Just like you can swipe up to pull up the radar map, you can swipe left to view a 14-day forecast or swipe right to reveal a 16-hour forecast. The daily forecast will show the day of the week, an icon to represent the conditions, the high and low, and for the first 7 days, the chance for precipitation. The hourly forecast display the temperature, chance for perception, and an icon that represents the conditions.

The good

  • Elegant design
  • Line graph to represent forecast
  • Live doppler weather map
  • 14-day forecast (3-day forecast on main screen)
  • 16-hour forecast
  • Swipe down, left, or right to reveal the different screens of Check the Weather
  • Save unlimited locations
  • Option for 24-hour time
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius support

The bad

  • Hourly forecasts don't begin until 3 hours from the current time
  • Sometimes the radar doesn't load. Killing the app and reloading usually fixes it.

The bottom line

Check the Weather is a fantastic weather app that will appeal to both the minimalists and those who want a little extra like radars. The only radar included with Check the Weather is a live doppler, but I believe this helps contribute the uncluttered feel of the app. The folks at Cross Forward Consulting did a fabulous job at creating a beautiful, clean, and informative weather app for the iPhone.

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  • Why do you guys constantly review these cheap-looking apps all the time? I never knew why.
  • IMO this app is better described as minimalistic, there are other weather apps that offer far more data with a more beautiful presentation But this app is great it provides the necessary weather data to give the user info about what the weather is now and what the weather will be in the future.
  • Base on this review, I just purchased the app. Guess what? It doesn't have any data to work!! All I get is a gorgeous minimal message for my location (& all other locations that I added) stating "NO DATA"! Way to go imore!
  • It's not iMore's fault the location you're trying to get weather displayed for is not available in the database the app uses. If you want to gripe at someone, try the app developer.
  • One more negative to add (to what otherwise looks like a great app!):
    On the main page, the hourly section only shows a temperature graph. In Portland today, it's currently sunny, but it's supposed to rain in a few hours. That graph doesn't give a clue to changes other than temp. Sure, you can swipe, but if you're headed out the door and you take a quick glance at this app, you won't see a reason to swipe for more info. Sunny and 68. Blue skies! Sweet! ...but rain is on the way this afternoon.
  • Another great review of a weather app from she who talked us into WeatherNeue!