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Civil War breaks out in Marvel Avengers Academy

To coincide with the release of Captain America: Civil War in theaters, a limited-time event has kicked off in Marvel's Avengers Academy mobile game. Like the movie, this event sees a civil war of sorts breaking out on the Avengers Academy campus.

As the conflict kicks off, players will have to pick a side: Captain America or Iron Man. Both iconic heroes have opposing views on how to best defend the Academy, and you'll get to choose who to side with. During the event, you'll get a chance to unlock more bits of the Civil War story as you battle former friends and prepare to face Hydra.

Interested? If so, you can grab Avengers Academy on Google Play and pick your side from the App Store link below. Oh, and if you're up for even more Avengers fun, be sure to check out our collection of Civil War-themed wallpapers as well.

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  • A pouch of $$$, a sack of $$$, a box of $$$, a crate of $$$... Is anyone else tired of these in-app crap games? I'd actually buy a game if I could play it without having to bring out my wallet every time I hit an artificially created roadblock. I will not play these in-app crap games.