Five important features to look for in a smart home security camera

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Secure remote connectivity The first and perhaps most important thing to make sure your smart security camera offers is a secure connection to the internet. A home security camera will be far less useful if you're not able to check in on it when you're away from the home. And, since the camera will be providing a view into your private spaces, you want to make sure the camera is transmitting its data securely. That means connecting to a password-protected Wi-Fi network and encrypting the video data for transmission.

A wide field-of-view Your security camera is only going to be as good as how much it can see. To that end, a security camera with a wide field-of-view is what you should look for. This way, you can set up a single camera in a corner and see almost the entirety of a room. You'll avoid cluttering your space with cameras and save by needing fewer devices.

Flexible placement Just as the camera's field of view is important, so too is its placement. Having the flexibility to put your camera where you need will help you get your money's worth. Sticky or magnetic stands help, as do flexible mounts that let you adjust the camera's angle once placed. This can let you more easily set up a camera to watch a door, observe a room from high up, keep an eye on pets, or serve as a baby monitor near a crib.

Night Vision A security camera's job is to watch over your house when you can't. That means it needs to be able to see what's going on just as much when you're out of the house and when you're asleep. Some degree of night vision is a must so that your security camera can keep on working even without the lights on. It's all the better if the camera supports color night vision, which will let you get more detail out of your footage.

Two-way audio Plenty of security cameras have a microphone to record what's happening around them, but fewer have a speaker. Those that do offer a convenient extra feature that adds to the flexible utility of the camera. With a speaker, you can use two-way audio, allowing you to communicate through the camera. This feature can let you check in with babysitters, house keepers, or even your pets.

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Mark Knapp