Flipboard buying, killing Zite - will you make the switch?

Flipboard will soon purchase and shut down competing news app Zite from CNN. The Zite team will join Flipboard, except for Zite CEO Mark Johnson, and the deal includes an advertising partnership between Flipboard and CNN. While Zite itself will shut down, the recommendation technology behind it will be integrated into Flipboard. Additionally, Zite users will be able to keep their login if they choose to move over to Flipboard, according to CNET:

He added that Zite users will be able to use their logins to setup a new Flipboard account. Flipboard and Zite's current user numbers are unclear. McCue did say that the Flipboard is adding 250,000 new readers each day, and Zite will accelerate Flipboard's growth.

Are you Zite users upset that the app is going away, and will you be moving to Flipboard? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: CNET

Joseph Keller

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  • I use Zite everyday but I will not be moving to Flipboard. I will miss Zite.
  • Were there any details on how to merge if you have accounts with both. I'll miss zite since it gives me a nice feed.
  • Anybody have an alternative? While Flipboard looks slick, Zite's ability to compound interests to recommend new articles is important to me. Have tried Prismatic, but other similar services would be welcomed.
  • I use both but prefer Zite for the way it handles recommendations and topics. For example, Flipboard is barren with respect to education news, while Zite has an abundance of sources. I really hope Flipboard absorbs all of Zite's technology and create a much richer news experience.
  • Already fan of Flipboard ;)
  • The purpose of this buyout is to bring Zite's "intellegence" to Flipboard. I read that it will be a transition period and that people will be able to bring their Zite feeds/topics into Flipboard. I use both and since the last major update to Zite, I actually prefer Flipboard's sleeker UI. What made Zite spectacular is that I would put in my "interests" and Zite's logic would "pull" stories to my feed. Kind of like reverse RSS. While I have enjoyed Zite immensely in the past, I will be eager to see if Flipboard can implement Zite logic and functionality into it's smooth UI.
  • I've tried Flipboard in the past and didn't like it enough to keep it installed. Zite on the hand is an app I use daily in my iPhone and iPad. I'm weary of the acquisition because I'm not a fan of Flipboard's flipping interface but Zite's recommendation logic could be enough to overcome that.
  • Seriously disappointed by this. I've given Flipboard several chances (since it kept coming up in app of the year conversations), but it just never grabbed me. Zite on the other hand has been a favorite from day one, and an app I use daily. Fingers crossed that Flipboard finds some of Zite's magic.
  • I really like Zite's design as well as topic aggregation. The Personal Finance topic in Zite always kicked the pants off the same Flipboard topic in terms of quality sources. It was also nice to have niche topics (like Netflix) as well. I hope they incorporate these features soon before shutting down Zite. Sent from the iMore App
  • I am beyond not happy....Zite has been my "go to" news app since I got my first iPad and love it. Like the other posts, I have tried Flipboard and immediately rejected. I found flipboard to be more about "show" than actual content. I guess it is true, all good things come to an end.
  • I'll echo a number of the responses here by saying that Zite's granularity with regards to niche topics and its uncanny ability to offer up unique and interesting content will definitely be missed. While I use Flipboard regularly, I've found it a better RSS feed reader than a news aggregator... +1 to Flipboard integrating Zite's smarts into it's engine. Fingers crossed...
  • I love Zite. I read it everyday. I will like to see how Flipboard will integrate what we had in Zite. I am not happy with this.
  • Wow! Man this was one of my go to apps everyday. I love the way it pull stories based on your interest. I stop using Flipboard for Zite. I hope they integrate the features of Zite and I will start using Flipboard again. Are there any other apps that are similar to Zite? Sent from the iMore App
  • I also use both. I liked Zite, but finally got Flipboard the way I want. Like others, hope it improves. Sent from the iMore App
  • What!? I just switched to Zite cuz I don't like Flipboard!!!
  • Zite was useful, Flipboard was just flashy. Looks like I'll just be sticking to my RSS reader...
  • I use Flipboard but I'm not a fan. Once I got over the cool flip transition animation, I realized that it's actually slightly more confusing to navigate through than, say, Pulse. Never used Zite. I also use Prismatic (very infrequently) and it seems OK at aggregating content. Yahoo News Digest, however, makes me feel spoon-fed. As in "Here are a few top stories. Take 'em or leave 'em. More top stories in 2 hours, 12 minutes 11 seconds in the Evening Edition." Too bad, since the interface is really cool, with layer parallax and full-width photo backgrounds etc.
  • I find that Flipboard looks nice but it is rather shallow when it comes to news. Zite is far better! I really hope that Flipboard takes all the best bits of Zite. They'll have to if the want to compete with Facebook Paper.
  • So sad to see Zite go away :-( Sent from the iMore App
  • Wow. Don't like this news at all. I've tried using Flipboard more than once, but just don't really like it... whereas Zite is a front page, daily use app for both my iPad and iPhone. I guess I'll wait and see exactly what happens when Zite folds into Flipboard, and see if it adds any functionality and/or Zite-yness to Flipboard, but initial response is disappointment to hear it's going away.
  • Well, I have both app, but I like Zite better. Oh, well.
  • I was Flipboard user, then move to Zite, as Flipboard was overwhelming for my choice. I have to find a new service for me now, waiting for Facebook paper to arrive in India. Thank you Zite.
  • I love Zite. The app with the best algorithm for finding news you actually WANT to read, with great synchronization with Pocket. Not switching unless Flipboard gets Pocket integration or the algorithm. Sent from the iMore App
  • I strongly agree. Zite is by far the best.
  • Very sad to see Zite go, it was one of the first apps I installed on any new device i got, IOS or android. Flipboard always felt like a flashy RSS reader, maybe if they integrate what made zite cool (the recommendations) it will be worth a revisit, but am sad to loose zite as it was one of those rare things, and app I trusted.
  • Not happy either...I use Zite daily...I wonder what the owners think seeing all this negative attitude towards the acquisition...guess they don't care...in any case I have used News360 intermittently but will use it more oftenly now!
  • Depends on how Zite is integrated into Flipboard. I prefer Zite right now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Zite's UI is fantastic, coupled with its recommendation system. While I love that the system will be implemented into Flipboard, I hate the Flipboard UI. I will likely not be switching unless they make a better Flipboard in conjunction with the Zite features. I use Zite every day on my iPad. I hate that it's being shut down. Sent from the iMore App
  • I hate when companies do this. I already chose Zite over flipboard. Flipboard sucks. Now I'll use neither and find something else.
  • Zite is the superior program. I will not be switching to Flipboard. This is very unfortunate news.