Flipboard suffers second outage in a week since Google Reader's shutdown

It's been a tough week for Flipboard, as the services second outage in the space of a few days has left many unable to access any of their content. As reported by The Next Web, issues for those affected include seeing a blank screen when loading the app up, or login issues, but Flipboard is aware of the issue and took to Twitter to announce they're working on a fix:

We're experiencing issues with the service. The team is working on it now. Your feeds and magazines are safe. Thanks for your patience.

The good news is that all your content is safe, and will return to you when everything is back up and running. Flipboard has no doubt seen an increase in traffic, as many others have also, since Google closed down Reader on July 1 though it's not clear at this point if the two are related. How's your Flipboard looking this morning? Is it still down for you or are you back up and running yet?

Source: The Next Web, Flipboard

Richard Devine

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