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Gear4 Tread GT for iPhone 5 - Chris Oldroyd

I am really not one for cases on my iPhone, I usually just run them naked. This time however I have decided to put a case on my iPhone 5 purely down to all the scare mongering going around about chipped paint and dents in the back and the antenna band. The case I ended up selecting and to be fair there wasn't a great deal of choice, has really won me over and I actually like it.

The Gear4 Tread GT looks like it has been made from a car tire but is it is actually much more brittle than that and is not that rubbery either. Not being rubbery is really a good thing as you can slide it in and out of your pocket easily without it sticking. The case is well made and really looks very smart, all the cut outs are in the right place and it is a very good fit without adding lots of bulk to the slight iPhone 5. I can thoroughly recommend this case if you are looking for some minimal protection for your iPhone 5.

God of Blades - Simon Sage

God of Blades is a slight variation on the endless runner scheme. Instead of dodging obstacles, you charge into foes head-on, spinning, parrying, and slashing your way to the next. Though the gameplay is pretty straightforward (if reflex-driven) the story and setting are bound to rope you in. You play the role of the Nameless King, who has been risen from the dead to fight a timeless and barbaric foe. The King's people fight on in the background, but without help, they're doomed to galactic extinction. The story is epic in scope, mixing traditional fantasy elements with a surreal, awe-inspiring landscape. As you play, the Nameless King discovers new weapons to continue the good fight for his people. These blades all have their own legends and story which weave together and form an impressive historical tapestry. Give this one a shot if you're looking for a new kind of story in your usual hack-and-slashery.

The Avengers - Rene Ritchie

The Avengers are some of the most iconic, classical characters in comic books and Joss Whedon is one of the most iconic, modern writer-directors in Hollywood. Put them together and what do you get? Nearly two and a half hours of pure magic. Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. The Hulk. Black Widow. Hawkeye. Nick Fury. Whedon knows the characters well. As is his wont, he gets us to care about them, laugh with them, and then he tears them part in front of us.

The plot is clichéd, but this is a character piece, not a drama. It's about making Tony Stark understand sacrifice, Thor understand loss, Steve Rogers understand compromise, and Bruce Banner understand himself. The dialog is typical Whedon, smart and sassy, and the directing shows his confidence beyond the the confines of the small screen.

Juggling so many marquis characters is no easy task, and while the bigger guns get the bigger screen time, no one is entirely left out.

It's movie I've wanted to see since I was child, awed by the work of Lee and Kirby, Starlin and Perez, and more recently Miller and Hitch.

It's the Avengers, earth's mightiest heroes, writ upon the big screen. And I could watch it a hundred times over.

On iTunes, for Phone and iPad.

Or if you prefer, on 4 disc 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo:

Instagram - Ally Kazmucha

I go through phases with Instagram and for some reason, forget it exists at times. Then I'll go through a picture taking phase and start using it again. Since it's been updated for the iPhone 5, I've been at it again and uploading more and more pictures.

The extra space on the iPhone 5 doesn't seem like much but when scrolling through tons of pictures it's appreciated. The fact that you can see a whole image and some comments without scrolling is a welcome addition. It'll be interesting to see how apps like Instagram will tailor their apps in the future to take advantage of the iPhone 5's additional screen real estate.

For now, the extra space is a welcome addition.

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