Catch up on your reading with beautiful fonts and retina graphics with Instapaper for iPad

Instapaper is the original "read later" service that lets you save web pages for offline reading in a highly optimized, distraction free format. It also syncs them between your iOS devices and the Instapaper web site, so you can catch up on your reading pretty much anywhere. It has just been updated to version 4.1 and optimized for the new iPad's Retina display. Instapaper has also added six beautiful, carefully selected new fonts. This all combines to make for an absolutely gorgeous reading experience on the new iPad.

For those who enjoy distraction-free reading, not only does Instapaper strip away everything but the text of an article, the app itself becomes remarkably clean -- you can tap on the article you're reading to hide the toolbars at the top of the screen, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the content.

Another interesting addition to Instapaper is what they call "Twilight Sepia". I'm sorry undead teen romance fans, this does not mean you can flip a switch that shows sepia-toned images of Edward and Jacob. Rather, Twilight Sepia is the sunset-based Automatic Dark Mode that slightly tints the screen with a sepia tone during sunset hours before going to Dark Mode at night.

There is also some new gestures included in Instapaper to exit an article. If pagination -- a feature that breaks long articles into a series of book-like pages -- is inactive, just swipe to the right. If you're using pagination, swipe right when on the first page or swipe left when on the last page to exit the article. (Otherwise swiping lets you move back and forth through the pages).

Instapaper support, the ability to send an article to Instapaper, is a feature included in many apps including most Twitter apps. You can also add a bookmarklet to both the browser on your computer and Mobile Safari so you can save any article you find on the web. Instapaper walks you through the process of adding the bookmarklet to your iPhone and iPad, making it very easy to start sending articles to Instapaper.

If you're unfamiliar with bookmarklets, they're simply bookmarks that, instead of opening a webpage, work like tiny programs. When tapping Instapaper's bookmarklet, it adds the current webpage to your Instapaper account and flashes "Saving..." and "Saved" across your screen.

When you launch Instapaper, it will also check your clipboard and, if you've copied a web page address, will offer to save it for you. This makes it especially convenient for iPhone users who see an interesting article on the go, maybe in Twitter or Facebook, or while surfing the web while waiting in line, but don't have time to read it right then or there. With a couple taps, it can go right into Instapaper where it's available for you whenever you have time to put your grab your iPad, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Instapaper is the most popular "read later" service for a reason. It's been around for a while and is always rock solid. The user interface is incredibly thoughtful and super easy to use. All your articles stay in sync between your iPad, iPhone, and computer making it a seamless, beautiful experience.

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