Instapaper hits 2.2.5 for iPhone and iPad

Macro Arment's excellent Instapaper 2.2.5 has just become available for iPhone and iPad. I had the good fortune of talking briefly with Arment at WWDC and the amount of consideration he puts into usability and interface borders on the inspiring. His fearlessness in changing or even killing features to ultimately make a better product -- guess what? -- ultimately makes a better product.

New this time around are a rename from Instapaper Pro to just Instapaper, as well as additions to pagination, iPhone 4/iPhone 3GS backgroud task completion under iOS 4, support for iPhone 4 Retina Display, an overhaul to rotation and position saving, and one more thing...

... Instapaper now syncs position in partially read articles between devices.

Check out the full description and go get the app via the links below.

[Instapaper website, iTunes link]

Rene Ritchie

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