The all-new iPhone 7, with expressive messages. Practically magic. That's Apple's tag line for their latest ad. It's lighthearted and sentimental, like an something you'd remember from your childhood. Beautiful. Ineffable. Ephemeral. And it's set to "I Will Follow You", which is perfect.

It doesn't quite land for me as an iPhone or iOS ad, though. Perhaps if we glimpsed someone sending a "Happy Birthday!" message at the beginning of the ad, even if we didn't realize the reason until the very end? iMessage is about connection, and I think I need both sides of the conversation to make that connection.

Midnight I still love.

Morning Ride as well, though I wish we'd gotten to see him break into the downpour right at the end.

For me it's all about the story and the last two tell really good stories for camera and water resistance respectively. What do you think?

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