iPhone 7 to reportedly drop camera bump and rear antenna lines

According to a new report, Apple's upcoming iPhone 7 may feature a design similar to that of the iPhone 6 and 6s with two major differences: the camera will be flush with the body and the antenna lines across the back will disappear.

That's according to MacRumors, who cites a source familiar with the matter.

The overall effect of both changes should be a sleeker look to the rear of the device. With a flush camera, the back will be flat all the way across. Likewise, the metal would remain unbroken across the entirety of the back. It is important to note, however, that antenna lines would remain on the sides and across the top and bottom of the device, according to MacRumors' report.

As with all reports of this nature, it's best to take this one with the requisite grain of salt, especially considering how far out we are from the typical September launch window for new iPhones. If this is one of the prototypes Apple is considering, however, we'll consider it one of the more conservative ones.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster