The iPhone XS Max: The phone MrMobile hates to love

You're reading this on iMore, so you probably already know that iPhone XS Max is the best iPhone yet – again. You also probably know that its starting price is a lofty $1,099, with recommended accessories like a fast charger and the erstwhile-gratis headphone dongle pushing it closer to $1,200. Finally, if you've watched any MrMobile videos at all, you probably know I'm a lot more comfortable on the Android side of the Apple/Google divide – at least when it comes to phones. So maybe it's no surprise to hear me say in the above video that the iPhone XS Max compares rather unfavorably with the most relevant competition, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9.

But let's face it: people like me complain about iPhone prices every year, and every year Apple's iPhone juggernaut continues barreling on unaffected. What's more: this device, with its monster display and gigantic battery, will no doubt attract the kind of long-term iOS user who's both accustomed to spending a lot on iPhones and investing in a phone for the long haul. And if that kind of user can make it last three or four years before the next upgrade, it may well be worth it.

Agree? Disagree? Take in the MrMobile iPhone XS Max review above, then drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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