LAUT Tutti Frutti iPhone case review: fruity and fun

LAUT brings the feature you never knew you wanted in your iPhone case: a fruity scent. That's right, the Tutti Frutti cases smell just like they look: sweet, whimsical, and, frankly, plastic.

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Phone fully functional within  
  • Bright colors
  • Fruit scented
  • Choice of four colors/scents
  • Adds a touch of whimsy

The Bad

  • Basic plastic case
  • Artificial smell


LAUT Tutti Frutti case for iPhone: What I like

My teenage daughter's friend was over, and she took a look at some of the cases I'm reviewing. She was immediately drawn to the LAUT Tutti Frutti cases; in fact she was quite taken with them. I can't say I was as enthralled as she was, but, perhaps she is more the intended demographic than I am.

While this won't be the case for the serious professional, nor for people that need heavy-duty drop protection, there is clearly a market for this kind of case. LAUT has four Tutti Frutti patterns; each one smells like it looks. Choose from Lemon, Banana, Cherry, and Watermelon. The scents are more like artificial fruit flavoring than actual fruit, just as you might guess from the candy-colored appearance of each case. They are cute cases in undeniably appealing color combinations.

Rub or scratch the case gently to release the scent, which lasts for quite a while but isn't overpowering. If you're moving your case in and out of your pocket or purse, then yes, you will release the smell onto those items. But the smell doesn't stick around for long, nor is it objectionable.

The case itself is your basic plastic case, nothing fancy, but it does fit the phone nicely and doesn't interfere with the operation in the phone in any way. It's quite a slim case that adds minimal bulk to your phone.

Not a "serious" case

LAUT Tutti Frutti case for iPhone: What I don't like

I probably wouldn't walk into the boardroom (if I went to those types of places) with a Tutti Frutti case, nor would I take it adventuring where it's likely to take a serious spill. The edge of the case doesn't quite come up over the iPhone's screen, so if you set it face down, the screen will contact the surface.

I'll admit I'm not the target demographic for this case. I actually like the colorful designs a great deal, but the scents don't appeal to me. The lemon one reminds me of that popular wood-cleaning product, which isn't bad but I don't know that I want to smell it every time I pull out my phone. The cherry case reminds me of cough medicine. The watermelon scent reminds me of candy. As for the banana, well, let's just say I'm not a fan of artificial banana anything.

For the right person, a perfect fit

LAUT Tutti Frutti case for iPhone: Bottom line

While the LAUT Tutti Frutti iPhone case is not entirely to my personal taste, don't let that stop you. If the whimsical, colorful design appeals to you, and you enjoy fruity-type scents, you're going to love this case.

Karen S Freeman

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