"Project" Magazine for iPad launching tomorrow [video]

Richard Branson's new digital magazine for the iPad, dubbed Project launches tomorrow:

Project is the very first international magazine created specifically for the iPad. It’s a magazine about design, entertainment, technology and entrepreneurs, and is edited by Anthony Noguera, former editor-in-chief of FHM.

The magazine will be purely digital, offering up content in a "living magazine" format that will be updated throughout the month, and plays to the iPad's strengths in delivering an intuitive and asthetically pleasing UI for a completely immersive user-experience unlike any other magazine available. The idea is for users to treat Project as a daily reading experience, instead of a 'read once then throw away' model carried by current magazine offerings.

The video below only shows the magazine's front cover, and we're not yet sure if this animated experience will extend to the actual pages and articles themselves. The app should be available in the App Store tomorrow.

With News Corp. prepping to launch a rumored iPad-only newspaper in the coming months, it will be interesting to see how quickly these new services gain initial adoption.

Any readers looking forward to this new magazine experience? Sound off in the comments below!

[Project Mag]

[Vimeo link](https://player.vimeo.com/video/17285675){.nofollow}

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