Raspberry Pi is a mini computer that was specifically created to make tech learning easier. It has a lot of components for computer-based projects, like USB ports, an ethernet port, an SD card slot, Wi-Fi antenna ports, and more. The Raspberry Pi is perhaps the most notable and popular single-board computer ever produced. Developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in the UK, the tiny computer was developed with the goal of promoting and teaching basic computer science in schools.

In 2006, early concepts of the Raspberry Pi were floating around. They were based on the Atmel ATmega644 microcontroller, and the schematics and layout are still available today. From that first concept came development and arrival at a final product. Two final products, in fact. Today you can purchase the Raspberry Pi for $25 (Model A) or $35 (Model B), depending on your needs and budget.

To date the Raspberry Pi has a strong following and a stronger community. Its use as a teaching tool around the world is common, but it is perhaps more commonly found within the ‘do it yourself’ community. For those that like to build, play, and tinker with their own projects, Raspberri Pi is king.

The list of operating systems that have been ported to Raspberry Pi include: Linux, Android, Debian, Firefox OS, WebOS, Unix, Windows CE, ChibiOS/RT, Haiku, AROS, Puppy Linux, Gentoo Linus, openSUSE, and RISC OS to name a few. The list does go on and on. And on.

The story and use of Raspberry Pi goes on and on. With extensive use, especially in the United Kingdom, Raspberry Pi is commonly found at places like Oxford and Cambridge. Should be interesting to see where we’ll find it in the next 5 to 10 years.

It does not come with peripherals, like cables, a keyboard, a mouse, or a monitor. It is a great for learning program languages, like Python, Scratch, and Wolfram. Most Raspberry Pi enthusiasts like making single-process builds to show off their do-it-yourself talents.

For example, you could create a dedicated gaming device, or an external storage box for movies and music. There are a plethora of Raspberry Pi Projects that cover all manner of possibilities, each one with different specifications.

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