SGP Ultra Crystal and Ultra Oleophobic screen protectors for the iPhone 5

For some, the big, beautiful iPhone 5 screen just begs to be stared at. For others, it's a scratch-field waiting to happen. If you experience scratch paranoia, one of the first things you'll want for is an iPhone 5 screen protector.

The Ultra Crytal and Ultra Oleophobic are the latest from SPIGEN SGP's new iPhone 5 Screen Protector Steinheil Series. Steinheil is billed as an enhanced, ultra-hard optical coating and SPG claims these screen protectors are 25% thicker than previous models, with no rainbow effect, and no interference with either the capacitive multitouch sensors or the clarity of the new, spectacular in-cell display.

The Ultra Crystal hits especially hard on the clarity claim, and uses a high-grade, clear coated film. The Ultra Oleophobic offers the same kind of oil-resistent coating as the iPhone screen itself, better repelling fingerprints and smudges.

Both come with a hard squeegee to aid in application, and a micro-fiber fabric to clean your iPhone surface. SPG even goes so far as to provide dust-removing stickers to help make sure not a single particle gets coat between the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic and your iPhone 5.

Applying the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic is easy but takes patience and a steady hand if you want to get everything lined up perfectly, and make sure no dust or debris gets stuck under the film. It's a dry application, meaning you don't need any water or liquid, but you do need to work your way from one end to the other, squeegeeing firmly. Line up twice, apply once remains my advice.

Even though these are hard-style films, once applied the difference is minimal, and it's hard to see any loss of screen brightness or feel any loss of sensitivity, though styluses may have slightly more trouble than fingers.

If neither the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic do it for you, SPG's iPhone 5 Screen Protector Steinheil Series also includes the Ultra Fine which is slightly textured for 30% more light transmittance, and the Ultra Optics which offers a microlens array surface layer to give you the best of all possible worlds.

If you're looking for an iPhone 5 screen protector, and you want something different, give SGP's Steinheil Series a glance.

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  • Be sure to warn people to do the opposite of what is marked on the SGP films. Take off side #2, stick to phone, then take off side #1. (Oh and you should fix the company name in the article title.)
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  • How these compare to the ZAGG screen protectors?
  • I'm lost on why iMore bothers to review screen protectors while Zagg screen protectors are available. Until they go out of business - there is no comparison. Sorry.
  • Agreed
  • Disagree, the extreme zagg lasted 2 minutes on my ip5. I hate the way they cut the top and bottom off. The triangle look is garbage. Complete waste of $30 just for a silly screen protector. Moshi and SPG are both better for me.
  • Agree. I tried Zagg on my iphone and found the screen to be a little less clear than than the crystal clear. I also didn't like the partial cutouts of the top and lower parts of the film.
  • I hate hate hate how sticky Zagg screen protectors feel. It makes it so freaking hard to slide your fingers around on the screen. And they add a terrible haze to the screen.
  • I understand everyone has their own opinion. I get my Zagg screen protectors installed at the Zagg kiosk at my local mall; they're always installed pretty good (near perfect everytime). Plus, the deal can't be beat for the free replacement warranty (anytime) and $5 to have them reinstall it with a 7-day install warranty if they happen to goof it up. This is the main draw for me. And if you haven't tried the HD version yet - you're missing out!
  • Disagree. Zagg offers a nice solution, but I have yet to get them to apply as smoothly as other not 3M film screen protectors and they do not look as nice after application. Bubbles always occur and the cost is simply not worth it. It's just the 3M material cut to fit and is offered my so many other companies at far better pricing than Zagg offers.
  • Do these use an adhesive to stick to the screen or do they use static like Power Support? I normally use PS crystal series and love them but tempted to get one of these since PS is not shipping yet.
  • I know people seem to like the Zagg's, but I had a Zagg on my iPhone 4 and it lasted about a week before I chucked it. I've had a Spigen SGP on my iPhone 5's since release, and these things are fantastic. If you use the included dust removal stickers and you take the time to get it on dust/bubble free, you can't even tell it's there.
  • I purchased the Ultra Oleophobic and installed it last week on my iPhone 5 and I love it. Cleans off easily like the screen itself and there is no rainbow effect or hazy look like many screen protectors have. This is the first screen protector that I actually don't want to rip off constantly.
  • I ordered the Ultra Crystal (even before I ordered the phone)! I have a Power Support protector on my iPhone 4 currently and I love it...I hope this one is just as good. Can't wait for my phone to arrive!
  • Their GLAS.t line is amazing. Aside from the thickness which required a bit of getting used to, it is by far the best screen protector I've ever used, and because it doesn't bend, actually installing it was incredibly easy. No dust or air bubbles.
  • "With fingernails that shine like justice ..." Great product, great video, great nails!
  • I stopped using screen protectors when I gave up android. No need for them. But great review.
  • Screen card is considered as the safety or protection of a smart phones. Here, in the mentioned article, both the screen cards are too good, a user can get a micro-fiber fabric to clean the screen surface and a sticker to remove the dust particles from them. In addition, both screen protectors for the latest iPhone 5 are thicker than the previous one and I think as compared to Zagg, this one is better and it is easy to apply. Really appreciate this piece of information that you have shared.