SGP Ultra Crystal and Ultra Oleophobic screen protectors for the iPhone 5

For some, the big, beautiful iPhone 5 screen just begs to be stared at. For others, it's a scratch-field waiting to happen. If you experience scratch paranoia, one of the first things you'll want for is an iPhone 5 screen protector.

The Ultra Crytal and Ultra Oleophobic are the latest from SPIGEN SGP's new iPhone 5 Screen Protector Steinheil Series. Steinheil is billed as an enhanced, ultra-hard optical coating and SPG claims these screen protectors are 25% thicker than previous models, with no rainbow effect, and no interference with either the capacitive multitouch sensors or the clarity of the new, spectacular in-cell display.

The Ultra Crystal hits especially hard on the clarity claim, and uses a high-grade, clear coated film. The Ultra Oleophobic offers the same kind of oil-resistent coating as the iPhone screen itself, better repelling fingerprints and smudges.

Both come with a hard squeegee to aid in application, and a micro-fiber fabric to clean your iPhone surface. SPG even goes so far as to provide dust-removing stickers to help make sure not a single particle gets coat between the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic and your iPhone 5.

Applying the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic is easy but takes patience and a steady hand if you want to get everything lined up perfectly, and make sure no dust or debris gets stuck under the film. It's a dry application, meaning you don't need any water or liquid, but you do need to work your way from one end to the other, squeegeeing firmly. Line up twice, apply once remains my advice.

Even though these are hard-style films, once applied the difference is minimal, and it's hard to see any loss of screen brightness or feel any loss of sensitivity, though styluses may have slightly more trouble than fingers.

If neither the Ultra Crystal or Ultra Oleophobic do it for you, SPG's iPhone 5 Screen Protector Steinheil Series also includes the Ultra Fine which is slightly textured for 30% more light transmittance, and the Ultra Optics which offers a microlens array surface layer to give you the best of all possible worlds.

If you're looking for an iPhone 5 screen protector, and you want something different, give SGP's Steinheil Series a glance.

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