Sunday means Kindle deals, and today's are definitely worth shopping if you're in the market for some new books. There are nearly 30 titles to choose from, all of which mark the start of a series. Prices for most are just $2.99, so you could even pick up a couple of books for less than the price one would usually run you. Plenty of genres are featured as well. If you've placed any no-rush shipping orders in the past, you might even get some lower prices thanks to digital credits on your account.

Whole New Worlds

Kindle Series September 2019

Whether you're into mysteries, romance, or some other genre, today's prices are too good to miss. Most of the picks are only $2.99, and you can read them on your phone, tablet, or computer if you don't have a Kindle.

Up to 80% Off

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One title that has proven to be popular is George R. R. Martin's Wild Cards I: Expanded Edition. It's $2.99 today and usually costs around $10 when it isn't discounted. Wild Cards is set in a universe where an alien virus struck the Earth, giving some survivors supernatural abilities -- not all of which are blessings. GRRM isn't the only author, either. There are tales from Howard Waldrop, Lewis Shiner, Roger Zelazny, and other sci-fi greats. This series is getting turned into a TV show on Hulu, too, so now's your chance to become a fan before wild popularity ensues via the small screen. Just keep in mind that the price jumps back up tonight.

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