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Apple helps spread the Mother's Day love with 'Moms Shot on iPhone' campaign

Apple wants to help you share your love for mom this Mother's Day with a new social media campaign titled "Moms Shot on iPhone."

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Shot on iPhone... for Mother's Day!

Apple is celebrating Mother's Day, as captured through the eyes of friends and family and the lens of iPhone.

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Apple goes behind the scenes of 'The Song'

There's no denying that Apple caused a few tears to be shed when it released its latest ad, titled "The Song," earlier this week. Today, however, Apple is giving us a little peek at what went into the making of the ad, revealing the tools used to bring together both the new and old.

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Apple products help spread holiday cheer in new ad

Apple has released a new holiday ad called The Song. The 90-second spot shows a young woman using her Apple products to record a special song for her grandmother. From recording the original record on her MacBook Air to playing for her grandmother on an iPad mini 3, the ad shows how Apple's products can help spread holiday cheer.

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Apple's new ad proclaims the MacBook Air is 'the notebook people love'

The MacBook Air is a pretty awesome piece of equipment and Apple knows it. A new commercial has hit the airwaves and it proclaims the MacBook Air is the "notebook people love". While it might not be the preferred laptop in Apple's lineup for everyone, those who have one generally don't hesitate to share how much they love the MacBook Air.

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Apple highlights the apps featured in the 'Powerful' ad

Apple's launched a new page on their website to profile the apps that are featured in their most recent ad for the iPhone 5s — "Powerful". The ad, which looks at how the iPhone is used in music and other life adventures, featured several apps in real world (ish) use scenarios. Most aren't necessarily how most of use might use these apps, but it's impressive nonetheless.

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Apple launches 'Powerful' new iPhone 5s ad

Apple has released a new iPhone 5s ad called "Powerful". It's set to the song Gigantic by the Pixies, the ad highlights the iPhone 5s' utility with several kinds of musical instruments and vocals, as a connected controller for lighting, gaming, and rocket launching, for slow motion video, videography, live translation, blood pressure measurement, and finishes with the line — "You're more powerful than you think".

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Apple airs new iPod ad, Bounce

Apple has aired new iPod ad to coincide with the release of the new iPods called Bounce -- and boy is this a fun ad! It starts out with a new blue iPod touch and a finger that hits play for the song Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon. The iPod then starts bouncing to the beat, changing colors, and eventually splitting into iPod nanos who then split into iPod shuffles. All the colors are represented and it's like one big iPod dance party. Super fun!

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Santa uses Siri to help make his Christmas rounds

Apple has released a new iPhone 4S commercial outlining how Santa uses Siri on the new iPhone 4S to help make his rounds on Christmas.

While Siri is still in beta, and still has plenty of rough edges, Apple continues to make it the staple feature in its advertising campaigns. Whether that troubles anyone or not, the ad itself is very well done. My favorite part is near the end when Santa asks Siri how how the rest of his day looks, to which Siri responds with... Well, watch it and find out!

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