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New iPad commercial is magically... iconic!

I wasn't sure we'd see another iPad commercial after the holidays and before iPad 2 but Apple has gone and made their revolutionary and magical tablet... iconic!

This one starts off Fresh (old school scratching on a new fangled virtual turn-table), and dives into Tickets (an American Airlines app being scanned), News (the Wall Street Journal, 'natch), Stories (showcasing iBooks new picture books), 60,000+ apps (App Store), Students (writing in Pages), Teachers (marking up the paper with an A), Hollywood (using a virtual scene marker), and Iconic (Marilyn Monroe in the Vanity Fair app).

Interesting if curious mix, who is Apple trying to appeal to with this one? Official video after the break!

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Apple airs joint AT&T and Verizon iPhone commercial -Waltz

Apple has begun airing a new AT&T and Verizon double-punch iPhone commercial called Waltz which touts "Two is Better than one". It shows off all the features and apps we've grown to know and love throughout Apple's previously AT&T-only US iPhone commercials, side by side, zooming in on one or the other to highlight the identical user experiences. Just as revealing is that the differences are not mentioned. No hint at reception, data speed, simultaneous voice and data, international roaming, etc.

Obviously both AT&T and Verizon will be competing for iPhone customers come February 10 but just as obviously Apple wins either way.

UPDATE: Official Apple video after the break!

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New Verizon iPhone TV Ad

So, with the Verizon iPhone just around the corner, Verizon have already begun televising their new iPhone Ads.

The ad doesn't mention Verizon's network coverage or reliability, or make any attempt to draw customers away from AT&T. It doesn't mention new features like personal hotspot. Instead the advertisement is mainly focused on the fact that "The Wait Is Over".

It also seems to be a Verizon-made ad -- like the Verizon iPad + Mi-Fi ad -- while all previous ads (for AT&T) have been Apple ads.

Video after the break. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Thanks Ross!]

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Apple releases new iPhone 4 Christmas ad - Under the Covers

Apple once again hits those emotional, nostalgia buttons hard with their Christmas themed, FaceTime-filled iPhone 4 ad - Under the Covers. In it a small boy takes his mom's iPhone into bed and literally under the covers to talk to Santa and... well, watch the video after the break for the happy holiday ending.

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Apple's latest iPad ad is magically... Amazing

Apple's latest iPad commercial is "Amazing" and highlights iOS 4.2 including creating (Pages), printing (AirPrint), vital, ideas (email), multitasking, facts, figures (Numbers), and of course... amazing (Toy Story).

UPDATE: Apple's official version of the video, below!

[Thanks Trevor!]

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Apple's new iPhone 4 commercial focuses on... the battery

Apple is continuing their series of feature-focus iPhone 4 commercials, following up FaceTime and Retina Display with... the lithium polymer battery. Sexy.

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Verizon airs "Breakaway" iPad commercial

No the title isn't a typo -- Verizon has actually aired an iPad commercial called Breakaway. Since Verizon is now carrying the iPad Wi-Fi in a bundle with the Verizon Mi-Fi hotspot device, it makes sense they'd want to promote it. Still, feels weird. Like something is a changing...

Check out the commercial after the break and let us know what you think.

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Apple's new commercial says iPad is... magically electric

Apple has debuted the third commercial in their iPad is... series, this time saying iPad is electric. This follows delicious and musical. Qualities highlighted this time include cinematic, elementary, academic, full-size (zing!), presenting, bought, sold, fantasy, and the eponymous electric.

Ironman 2 is shown off via the Video app, streaming iTunes U podcasts make an appearance as does the Mail app, Ebay, Epic Citadel, and some others (can you name them all?)

While iPhone 4 commercials have skewed towards the nostalgic and feature-centric, Apple is keeping iPad commercials squarely aimed at the experiential (until they add cameras to iPad 2?)

Check out the video after the break and let us know what you think.

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New iPhone 4 ad focuses on Every great thing about Retina Display

Apple has just posted a new iPhone 4 commercial, this one called "Every" and focused on the 960x640 Retina Display.

Calling it the highest resolution phone screen ever, it shows zooming in on a photo of a child's freckled face, the Pixar(!) movie Up, the calligraphic logo-type of the New York Times, highlighting in iBooks, the official Twitter for iPhone app, CoverFlow in the iPod app, Epic's amazing Unreal engine, and a home video.

It also confirms Apple has gone full circle from focusing on features for the original iPhone 2G, to focusing on apps for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, to once again focusing on features for iPhone 4 like FaceTime and now Retina Display. It makes sense as competition first caught up to (and exceeded) features of previous models and are now beginning to catch up on apps. Reframing around the brief window of feature advantage iPhone 4 enjoys and adding in a big fat helping of emotional resonance will solidify the already iconic Apple brand in customers' minds.

The only question is, as Retina Displays and video calling becomes the norm, what's the next differentiator for Apple? AirPlay?

UPDATE: Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac checked out the Twitter IDs shown off in the video, and sure enough, the accounts are real. The people on the other hand... we doubt it.

Video after the break.

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Apple's latest iPad add is... magically musical

Apple's latest iPad ad keeps going with the apps and the verbiage, this time rounding off medical, live, musical, work, play, memories, social, magazines, and historic.

Not magical though, at least not like last time.

Numbers is just one of the apps highlighted. Can you name them all?

Video after the break!

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