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Best comic book reader apps for iPhone and iPad

Nothing beats physical comics, but if you're on the road or on the go and still want to keep up-to-date on all your favorite titles, then check out these comic book reader apps!

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Madefire motion books and comics v2.0 update brings new storefront, larger images and better organization

Madefire Motion Books & Comics isn't exactly a new arrival in the Appstore but the if you've never checked out the app before, now is a great time to do so. The latest version, also known as v2.0, has arrived and it has brought along quite a few notable changes.

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Marvel celebrates Comic-Con with 99-cent access to 13,000 comics

Marvel Comics has announced that it is letting people access the over 13,000 digital comic book issues in its Marvel Unlimited online service for Android for just $0.99 in a special promotion deal.

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iOS 8 wants: Comic book reading mode for iBooks

Okay, technically this is an iBooks wish rather than an iOS 8 wish but what better time to ask for something as amazing demonstrable as a comic book reading mode than when Apple's about to kick off their first Keynote of the year? And given the recent sale of comiXology to Amazon and the subsequent removal of IAP from the Comics app, when better for Apple to give their own comic book reading experience some attention?

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Vector 37: State of the digital comics

Jason Snell, of Macworld, PCWorld, TechHive, Greenbot, and The Incomparable joins Rene to talk about Apple — and other tech companies — as entertainment, Amazon's comiXology acquisition, Marvel Unlimited, and digital comics in general.

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Stripped, the comics documentary, hits iTunes, earns all my love!

Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, Peanuts, Doonsbury, The Far Side — these were the works that helped inform much of my childhood and adult life. What they managed to capture in few panels and words resonated as deeply as books and speeches and song. They said funny things, important things, silly things, true things. They made me think and they made me feel. They were art in every sense of the word, and commentary and escapism. They've continued to be all that and more as print has faded and the web has provided an even larger, even more accessible platform. And Stripped, the incredible documentary by Dave Kellett and Frederick Schroeder that covers that transition, has collected the pioneers of the industry, of all generations, together for an unprecedented set of interviews, and a peek inside how and why it matters so much to so many of us. Check out the blurb below for all the details, then go grab it — and gift it if the mood strikes you! — on iTunes. It really deserves our support.

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iMore's favorite movies, TV shows, music, and books of 2013

We'll be posting both our 2013 Readers Choice Awards and 2013 Editors Choice Awards soon enough, but there's a reason Apple sells more than just devices, and iTunes offers more than just apps. Music, movies, TV shows, books, and comics have all gone digital. Not only is the idea of linear broadcasts increasingly anachronistic, but the idea of media not being everywhere we are, available at the click of a remote or tap of a screen, is almost a thing of the past. From Mac to iPod to Apple TV to iPhone to iPad, we can now access everything we want to listen to, watch, or read, any time we want, anywhere we are. So, just like devices, apps, and games, we want to recognize the other stuff, the media, that makes our lives so much more enjoyable. These, then, are our favorite movies, music, TV shows, and books of the year!

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iMore show 345: Worst audio ever

Guy English of Debug and Kickingbear and Marc Edwards of Iterate and Bjango join Rene to talk about Facebook Home, the iOS 7 interface, and the sega surrounding Sega 12. Also, random hammers, Skype noises, and our worst audio ever! (Sorry!)

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Saga 12 and the story of the four failures

Recently a story on Image Comics claimed Apple's App Store "banned" a comic book, Saga 12, from a comic book app, Comics by comiXology, for content reasons. An uproar followed that story so closely that it actually seemed to overtake it at times. The original story turned out to be incorrect. According to comiXology, they assumed Apple would have a problem with the content and so decided on their own not to release it. They were wrong. Apple was fine with it. They subsequently released it. Though the original story still hasn't been updated to reflect any of that, a new story has been posted on Image Comics addressing the matter. So what does this all tell us?

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