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Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 ad pokes fun at iPhone battery

Samsung's latest Galaxy S5 ad takes square aim at iPhone users, particularly as they're huddled around the few wall outlets scattered around an airport. Meanwhile, smug S5 owners can switch on ultra power saving mode or pop in an extra battery pack.

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Apple vs. Google ads: What are they selling?

Apple's latest ad wants you to buy a $500+ tablet computer that runs App Store apps. Apple wants to sell you shiny things to make money.

Google's latest ad wants you to store personal details about your child's life, from birth, on their servers. Google wants your data so they can sell it (aggregated and anonymized, of course) to others to make money.

Taken in that context, Apple's ad might be obnoxious and highly commercial, but Google's is downright creepy.

That's not an Apple fanboy perspective, that's a privacy fanboy perspective. And it's not iPhone vs. Android either. iPhone users use tons of Google services, including Gmail, Maps, and Search, and YouTube built in, and Voice, Latitude, etc. available via apps. Given over a 100 million iOS devices, we're a huge part of Google's user base, and a valuable part. And for the record, I haven't liked some of Apple's recent ads either.

But I do think about how each company makes money and what they have to sell to make that money. Apple makes almost all their money selling hardware products -- selling to you. Google makes almost all their money selling advertising -- selling you. (Or in this case, your child. Seriously.)

I'm not telling anyone to stop using Google, far from it. I'm a huge Google user myself. What I'm saying is this is not really a good ad.

(Note: As Apple ramps up iAds, this'll be a concern for iOS users as well.)

Both videos after the break.

UPDATE: Again, I'm a huge user of Google services -- this is not intended to scare anyone but simply to inform users, so users can make better informed decisions. Convenience and security are always at odds, and choosing the convenience of free cloud services like Google's sacrifices the security of your personal information. I currently find that an acceptable compromise. If you don't have a problem with it either, than good for you. Enjoy. As long as we all know the deal.

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New iPad commercial is magically... iconic!

I wasn't sure we'd see another iPad commercial after the holidays and before iPad 2 but Apple has gone and made their revolutionary and magical tablet... iconic!

This one starts off Fresh (old school scratching on a new fangled virtual turn-table), and dives into Tickets (an American Airlines app being scanned), News (the Wall Street Journal, 'natch), Stories (showcasing iBooks new picture books), 60,000+ apps (App Store), Students (writing in Pages), Teachers (marking up the paper with an A), Hollywood (using a virtual scene marker), and Iconic (Marilyn Monroe in the Vanity Fair app).

Interesting if curious mix, who is Apple trying to appeal to with this one? Official video after the break!

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Apple releases new iPod touch, iPod nano commercials

Apple has released new commercials for their updated iPod touch 4 and iPod nano 6. iPod touch - All kinds of fun holds true to its roots -- lots of hands doing lots of awesome things, but iPod nano - Travel seems more like a hybrid, including elements previously seen in iPod shuffle commercials -- less nano chromatic, more wearable.

Check out both commercials after the break and let us know what you think. Do they convince you to buy?

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Apple airs 4 new iPhone 4 ads and they're all about FaceTime

Apple has begun airing 4 new iPhone 4 commercials and once again, it's all about FaceTime, and heavy on the emotion and sentimentality. Titled Smile, Meet Her, Big News, and Haircut, each focuses on a moment of shared intimacy, of insecurity and anticipation, of surprise and joy. And they do it in a way that makes the visual integral to he communication.

Again, incredibly smart advertising on Apple's part, and another step towards mainstreaming video calling and the way they're doing it...

It's no longer about their being an app for that. Now it's about there being a phone -- specifically iPhone 4 -- for that.

Videos after the break.

[ via 9to5Mac]

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Apple airs first iPhone 4 commercial - FaceTime

Apple began airing their first iPhone 4 commercial last night, an extract of the FaceTime feature video they debuted at WWDC 2010. The original iPhone 2G focused on features, the internet in your pocket, music on your phone. After the launch of the App Store, iPhone 3G focused on disparate apps for (this and) that for a while, until later on in the iPhone 3GS cycle they shifted slightly into apps for specific use cases. iPhone 4 brings it back around to the beginning but with less blatant techno-wow and more sentimentality. It isn't about the cool feature, its about real people -- a new father, a graduate and her grandparents, a couple using sign-language -- making a real, visible, emotional connections.

Apple's already sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s. Ads like this might move a few more.

Video after the break.

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Apple debuts Family Man, Dog Lover, Backpacker TV commercials

Apple is keeping up the transition from "app for that" to showing how the iPhone makes its users lives better with three new TV commercials -- Family Man, Dog Lover, and Backpacker

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AT&T "Sets the Record Straight" with 2 New Anti-Verizon Commercials

AT&T has just revealed two new commercials that again, take aim at Verizon. Did you really expect anything different? Both of these new ads star Luke Wilson just like the "Side by Side" commercial that debuted last week. As you can see above, "Two Phones" concentrates on the fact that you need two phones to talk and surf the Web at the same time unlike on the AT&T network. To be fair, AT&T left out the fact Verizon customers could actually use WiFi if the phone supported it. We're just saying...

The other commercial, "Postcards", highlights the fact that AT&T's network covers 97% of Americans. As much as I enjoy my AT&T service they failed to mention a decent amount of that coverage is EDGE only.

[Thanks for the tip Gregg!]

View the other commercial after the break!

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T-Mobile Android myTouch Commercial Helps Sell iPhone Apps

TechCrunch is reporting that sales of the iPhone app iFog [$0.99 - iTunes link] have shot up following a T-Mobile commercial for the myTouch (their rebranded Google Android Magic, which in no way is meant to glom any mind share from i(Pod) touch), where Saturday Night Live alum, Dana Carvey demonstrates a similar Android app.

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New iPhone "App for That" Ads: Share and Travel

After a brief respite showing off iPhone 3GS features, Apple has returned to their now familiar "App for That" playbook with two new TV spots, one focusing on Share and the other on Travel.

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