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Nuance's Dragon Anywhere hopes to take mobile dictation to the next level

Nuance has announced Dragon Anywhere, it's latest stab at bringing its dictation technology to mobile devices.

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Apple reportedly developing in-house speech recognition solution for Siri

Apple may wean away from licensing Nuance's services for Siri, instead creating an in-house speech recognition solution which will be used to power the virtual assistant in the future. Apple has already hired several experts in this field, including Nuance's former vice president of research Larry Gillick, and is said to be looking for more candidates in its bid to create a team of researchers to work on technologies like speech recognition, deep learning and neural networks.

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With Nuance up for sale, should Apple be the one that buys them?

Earlier this week rumors surfaced that Nuance Communications is up for sale. Apple is reportedly a huge customer of Nuance, using the firm's voice recognition software to help power Siri. So, if Nuance really is up for sale, should Apple be the ones who close the deal?

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Samsung was reportedly in talks to buy the company behind Siri's voice

Nuance Communications stock prices are rising as speculations of a potential sale of the company to Samsung Electronics are heating up. Nuance provides speech and voice recognition software for many products in the market, including cars and GPS, Samsung's own line of Galaxy phones and tablets, as well as Apple's voice assistant Siri.

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Apple reportedly beefing up in-house voice team in Boston, hopefully for a better Siri regardless of Nuance

Apple has reportedly put together a team of voice parsing specialists in Boston, including former Nuance employees, which has led to some speculation that Apple is looking to roll their own engine for Siri. Google did this from the beginning with Google Now, and the power and flexibility that gave them is often thought to be one of the reasons for it being better, faster, and more localized than Apple's Nuance relationship allows. According to Xcomomy:

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Siri, meet Nina, Nuance's new virtual customer service assistant SDK for iOS

Nuance has just announced Nina, a new virtual customer service assistant SDK (software developers kit) for iOS and Android. Nuance, which is widely believed to power Apple's Siri voice recognition, is aiming the SDK at iPhone and iPad developers who want to quickly and easily add voice assistance to their App Store apps. And while Siri understands what you're saying and the context in which you're saying it,Nuance claims Nina uses voice biometrics to understand just who exactly is doing the talking.

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Nuance talks about the future of voice control assistants

While Nuance can't comment about any relationship with Apple, it's widely believed their technology powers the voice recognition and dictation behind Siri, the iPhone 4S artificial assistant. It also powers several of their own apps in the iPhone and iPad App Store, including the industry leading Dragon Dictation and the new Dragon Go.

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iPhone & iPad Live 185: Sexist Siri Santa

Rene, Georgia, and Seth talk Santa Siri commercial, sexism charges, AT&T and T-Mobile deal, Nuance buying Vlingo, how to replace your iPhone 4 vibrator assembly, jailbreak, Facebook Timelines, Kindle updates, FPS games, and more. This is iPhone and iPad Live!

Note: Due to the holiday and CES schedule, we won't be recording on Sundays for the next few weeks, so enjoy special iPhone and iPad combined episodes every Wednesday!

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Nuance acquiring voice-recognition app maker Vlingo

Nuance Communications, makers Dragon Dictation and the voice recognition technology behind Siri in the iPhone 4S, have agreed to purchase competitor Vlingo.

Nuance Communications Inc. agreed to buy Vlingo Inc. in a deal that gives the developer of voice- command technology a system that can respond to spoken words with actions such as Internet searches.

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Voice Control Assistant, iOS diagnostics, Find my Friends get detailed

9to5Mac's resident shinobi, Mark Gurman, has posted details on several upcoming -- or potentially upcoming -- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad features for iOS 5), including the Nuance-powered, voice controlled Assistant, a new online iOS diagnostic service, and Find my Friends social sharing.

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