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Palm Pre, Palm Pix, webOS Review from an iPhone Perspective -- Smartphone Round Robin

My first smartphone was a Palm Treo 600 and so my last 2009 Smartphone Round Robin "away" review focusing on Palm's new webOS platform as embodied by the Palm Pre and Palm Pix does not lack for symmetry. Between the two, last year I reviewed the Palm Treo Pro which I quipped was more HTC than Palm, ran Windows Mobile and not a Palm-made OS, and had a keyboard that was hard to consider "pro" level. 3 years of round robin, three totally different platforms from Palm, and only this review for me to try and make my own sense out of it.

Luckily I had the mobile accomplisher himself, our editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn to show me Palm's new platform and their new devices, and the truly exceptional community over at Forums to help understand where it's at and where it's going.

(And just a reminder, every day you post on that thread, or any of the official Round Robin threads, is another day you're entered to win one of six (6!) new smartphones!)

Now let's get this on...

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Palm Pre, Palm Pixi webOS Hands-on Video -- Smartphone Round Robin

When last I left Palm they had but the Centro and some HTC Windows Mobile device to offer, now webOS and the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi's inform Week 6 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin. Talk about night and day. Lucky I have the daywalker himself, our illustrious editor-in-chief and's own Dieter Bohn to show me how the brand new generation of Palm devices work. And works well.

Remember, every day you post on my Forums thread, you're entered for a chance to win a webOS device of your very own. (And there's a total of 6 smartphones up for grabs -- one per SPE site -- so check them all out!)

This week also brings mobile powerhouse Matt Miller of Nokia Experts to TiPb's own iPhone. He's on the TiPb iPhone Forums and needs your help! Give him a hand and get a chance to win an iPhone 3GS for your troubles!

Video hands-on with Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, after the break!

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2009 TiPb Editors' Choice Awards

Happy New Year and welcome to the iPhone blog's 2009 TiPb Editor's Choice Awards for the very best (in our opinion!) iPhone and iPod touch apps and accessories released in the last year!

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Palm webOS 1.3.1 Did NOT Restore iTunes Sync, but is That the Least of Their Worries?

Sure, okay, since Palm has been faking iPod status to provide iTunes sync for a while now, and Apple has been updating iTunes to stop them every chance they get, when a new version of Palm's webOS comes out and it DOES NOT re-enable that sync, it's news. Right?

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Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.2 (Yes, it Kills Palm Pre Sync Again)

Apple this afternoon released a point update to iTunes, bringing the latest version to 9.0.2.

iTunes 9.0.2 adds support for Apple TV software version 3.0, adds an option for a dark background for Grid View, and improves support for accessibility.

Needless to say, according to our friends at, it also kills Palm Pre webOS sync dead. Again.

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Apple Was Going to Use Palm WebOS-style Widgets for iPhone in 2007, Abandoned Idea Due to Performance

As part of the commentary on Jamie Zawinski leaving the Palm Pre for the iPhone (linked in the previous post), Daring Fireball adds:

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Developers Turn, Return, and Reaffirm -- iPhone Still Unmatched

Tim Cook (in)famously said other platforms and devices are still struggling to catch up with the original 2007 iPhone 2G, and while TiPb wouldn't go that far (the App Store didn't show up until the iPhone 3G in 2008), strictly in terms of user experience and functionality, he may have had a point.

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Acceleroto on Developing Air Hockey for the iPhone vs. Palm Pre

Acceleroto, makers of the iPhone apps Air Hockey [$0.99 - iTunes link] and Air Hockey Free [Free - iTunes link] have written an interesting post on the differences between developing their app for the iPhone App Store vs. the Palm Pre App Catalog. Some take away:

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Dunk a Palm Pre and Win an iPhone 3GS

This one will be painful to watch for the good folks over at It seems as if the owner of this particular Pre had some major screen issues that he couldn't live with any longer - 3 cracked screens in the span of 3 months.

Rest be assured, this device will be replaced with a new iPhone 3GS. At least that's what his friends told him...

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