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Pioneer Rayz Rally FAQ: Everything you need to know

Here’s everything you need to know about the Rayz Rally, Pioneer’s new conference speaker for iPhone and iPad.

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Pioneer launches AVIC-F80BT CarPlay head unit in India for ₹51,990

Pioneer India has launched the AVIC-F80BT CarPlay head unit in the country for ₹51,990. The in-car infotainment system comes with a 7-inch LED display, offering playback options from a multitude of sources including CD-DVD, USB, SD card, Radio, AUX cable, or Bluetooth.

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Pioneer announces new wave of CarPlay-capable head units

Pioneer has announced its latest generation of in-car head units with support for CarPlay at CES 2016.

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Grab the CarPlay-friendly Pioneer AVIC 8100NEX for $859 from Amazon

Amazon is currently offering the CarPlay-friendly AVIC 8100NEX head unit for $859.99, almost 50 percent off its listed price.

The Pioneer AVIC 8100NEX has a MSRP of $1,400, though Amazon lists it for $1,699.99. While still expensive, if you were looking to get your hands on one of Pioneer's more advanced CarPlay units, the sale at $859.99 makes it a little easier.

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Snag the CarPlay compatible Pioneer AVH-4100NEX for just $570 from Amazon

Amazon currently has a pretty good deal going on the recently-released CarPlay-sporting Pioneer AVH-4100NEX — dropping the price of the unit to just $569.95.

While the unit carries an MSRP of $700, Amazon's deal marks it down from its previous list price of $849.99. While it's still a tad expensive, the discount makes it a bit easier to get some CarPlay into your vehicle.

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Pioneer's NEX Apple CarPlay units get a firmware update with various fixes

Update over USB or SD card for the latest firmware from Pioneer for its connected head units

A quick heads up if you're already rocking one of Pioneer's new NEX head units that run Apple's CarPlay or Android Auto — a firmware update is now available for the 4100, 5100 and 8100 models.

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Pioneer launches second-generation CarPlay head units, starting at $700

Pioneer has released the second generation of its NEX head units with Apple's CarPlay.

These new systems, which first debuted at CES 2015, offer integration not only with CarPlay, but Google's Android Auto.

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Pioneer's AVH-4100NEX CarPlay head unit now shipping for $700

Dumb car stereos are about to truly get smart as the automotive solutions from Apple (and Google) hit the market.

The long wait for the first aftermarket head units that run CarPlay — and Android Auto — is finally over. Pioneer is shipping its entry-level AVH-4100NEX unit for around $700.

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Pioneer's NEX stereos are much more than just CarPlay

For years there's been this growing sentiment among smartphone users who have to drive on a regular basis, and that sentiment usually involved being able to just dock your phone in the car and use the larger screen in the dash to use the things your phone already does very well. As cool as it would be for the infotainment center in the car to just be the receptacle for our phones, many of these in-dash systems do a lot more than what we've seen from CarPlay so far. As a result, at CES this year, we saw several systems where the smartphone bits are treated like an app on a larger system.

A perfect example of this is the new Pioneer systems, much like the one we have a hands on with, which have their own UI and features independent of a connected smartphone. Who knows, maybe in future versions of CarPlay we'll see separate apps that control all of the car functions and there is no underlying system to speak of.

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72 hours with CarPlay: Test-driving Pioneer's new aftermarket system

Over at Macworld, Susie Ochs spent a few days using one of Pioneer's new after-market CarPlay systems with her iPhone. Her thoughts?

CarPlay is cool, and if I was buying a car that had it, I would be stoked to use it—but I'm not going to upgrade the stereo that's in my 2006 Subaru to this aftermarket Pioneer system.

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