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Tumblr joins the rush to offer live video streaming support

The micro-blogging service Tumblr is the latest to join the trend of offering live video streaming support for its audience. The new feature will roll out later today.

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Tumblr adds Live Photo and 3D Touch support, new post messaging feature

Tumblr for iPhone and iPad has been update, adding support for Live Photos and 3D Touch. The app has also added Tumblr's new Send-a-Post features, which allow you to directly send posts to specific Tumblr users.

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Tumblr now lets you create a new blog right on your iPhone

Tumblr has updated their app for iPhone and iPad, which now allows you to create new blogs right in the app.

Tumblr 4.0 lets you build new blogs inside the app, picking essential elements such as a username, blog title, images, and colors, working like an extended version of their theme customization tools.

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How to set up two-factor authentication for Tumblr

Protect your Tumblr gifsets, memes, songs, blogs, and more.

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You can now like and follow on Tumblr right from Notification Center

Tumblr has updated their app for the iPhone and iPad, adding new options for alerts, including the ability to take action on notifications. Users also have new ways to login to the app. There are also improvements to the app's accessibility, as well as smaller helpful enhancements.

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14 sensational sharing extensions for iPhone

Twitter and Facebook have been built into the iPhone and iPad for a while, but thanks to sharing extensions in iOS 8, you can now quickly and easily send your photos, videos, comments, and other content to any social network or online service you use, from any app you happen to be using. All you have to do is install and enable the share extension, tap the share button, and choose the extension you want to use. Best of all, share extensions have already been implemented by a bunch of great apps. Here are some of our favorites!

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iTunes gets its own Tumblr, highlights the best music, movies, TV, and books of 2014

As 2014 winds down, Apple has launched a Tumblr site for iTunes. The site currently showcases the best of iTunes in 2014, divided into Music, Movies, TV, and Books.

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Debug 57: iOS 8 Extensibility roundtable

Debug is a casual, conversational interview show featuring the best developers in the business about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode James Thomson of PCalc, Ashley Nelson-Hornstein of Dropbox, Bryan Irace of Tumblr, and Brad Ellis Pacific Helm join Guy and Rene to talk about Extensibility, its benefits and limitations, and the just-announced WatchKit.

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Which social networks do you use? [Poll]

Which social networks do you use?

You can find me @reneritchie most of the time. That's because the social network I use most is Twitter. I use it on my iPhone on the go, on my Mac while I'm working, and on my iPad while I'm reading or browsing. I use it to follow a few people I know and a lot of people in my industry. I seldom look at RSS anymore. To find out what's going on, I use Twitter. To keep in touch with real-life family and friends, and a few other people in the industry who prefer it, I use Facebook on the iPhone or the web. I use Instagram as well — also @reneritchie — from my iPhone, and sometimes share to Twitter and Facebook from there. And... that's about it. Only not really. Let me explain...

I do use Facebook but I don't put a lot of personal information there. I don't store a lot of photos, I don't check in, and don't do anything much at all but share the occasional story, and like and comment on the occasional post or link. That's more than I do on LinkedIn though. Mostly because I can't find anything else to do on LinkedIn. Likewise Pinterest.

Google+ I use because Google's bundled Hangouts there and that's our office video conferencing tool and what we use for our podcasts. Otherwise, I share the occasional story there too, and the occasional +1 or comment, and I keep up with my Google- and Android-invested friends. Like LinkedIn, however, I'm hard pressed to find anything else much to do there. And... that's about it. Seriously this time. Kinda.

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What's on Joe's iPad right now!

I like to use my iOS devices as extensions of each other. The Home screen of my retina iPad mini in many ways mirrors the one on my iPhone because these are the apps that I want to have access to no matter which screen I'm using. I use one of Apple's iOS 7 wallpapers, and I keep only a few of Apple's stock apps on my screen, but they are the ones I use constantly.

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