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Volkswagen claims Apple blocked its CES 2016 demo of wireless CarPlay

A Volkswagen executive claims that Apple blocked the car maker's planned CES 2016 demonstration of wireless CarPlay. So far, no vehicle company offers a car that supports the wireless CarPlay feature.

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CarPlay is shown off in a funny Volkswagen TV ad with Michael Peña and Adam Scott

Volkswagen shows off how its App-Connect feature works with Apple's CarPlay in a new and funny TV commercial featuring actors Michael Peña and Adam Scott.

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Volkswagen's first car with CarPlay starts landing in showrooms

Volkswagen has announced that its first cars with CarPlay have started landing in showrooms, beginning with the Golf R.

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The Apple Watch can remotely open the doors on some Volkswagen cars with new app

Some Volkswagen vehicles will soon be able to support the Apple Watch, thanks to an update to an app that will enable features like remotely opening doors and more.

The update will allow all Volkswagen cars equipped with its Car-Net system to connect to the Apple Watch app.

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Volkswagen bringing CarPlay to its cars later this year

Volkswagen made a range of announcements at CES 2015 today, but one of the most interesting is a small mention that CarPlay will be coming to Volkswagen cars as part of the company's second-generation "modular infotainment platform" (MIB II) sometime in 2015.

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Volkswagen announces iBeetle, a car with deep iPhone integration

There have been previous rumors about Apple building an iCar, but it now seems that instead of building the vehicle themselves, they have partnered with Volkswagen to create the iBeetle. The car, which Volkswagen says was designed in coordination with Apple, boasts integration with the iPhone through Volkswagens iBeetle app, which provides access to entertainment and diagnostic functions.

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