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Latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air models drop Boot Camp support for Windows 7

Apple's most recent 13-inch MacBook Pro, along with both of the new MacBook Air models, ship without Boot Camp support for Windows 7.

Boot Camp allows Mac users to install Windows on a hard drive partition. On Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, as well as the most recent models of the MacBook Air, only the 64-bit release of Windows 8 is supported in Boot Camp.

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OnLive Desktop app to bring Windows 7 to the iPad via the cloud

OnLive, better known for its online gaming service has just announced that it will be launching a cloud based Windows 7 experience for iPad users. The OnLive Desktop app will give users access to a Windows desktop experience without the need for any VNC or remote desktop connections. It is all stored in the cloud and accessible from your iPad or a desktop machine.

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Daily Tip: How to find a UDID or serial number of an iPad

Trying to figure out where to find the UDID or serial number of There are many reasons you may need to look up your UDID, IMEI, or serial number of your iOS device. While earlier generations had the serial printed on the back casing of the device, many newer models don't. There are still several ways you can obtain this information both natively on your device or via iTunes.

Follow along to find out how.

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Microsoft planning attack on iPad

Microsoft has started it's war against Apple's iPad, handing their reseller partners material to show their customers pointing why the iPad is not the solution they should be using for their enterprise needs. Distributed starting around December of last year, the material lists reasons why people should either move away from the iPad for enterprise needs or why they should not go towards the iPad in the first place.

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iPad Live podcast #37: Eleventies

Rene, Chad, Georgia, and Chris discuss iPad 2 rumors, Verizon iPad, will it get a new version of iOS, what Jailbreak concepts Apple should steal for iOS 5, and the competition coming at CES 2011. This is iPad Live!

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HP Slate prototype from an iPad user's perspective

Since a couple videos have started floating around on YouTube I figured it was about time I spoke up a little about my brief experience with the HP Slate. I had an opportunity to play with one about 3 months ago. HP apparently has a couple of these prototype devices they ship off to customers to tinker with and get feedback.

Now, my impressions have to be taken with a grain of salt since I am comparing a prototype, non-production device to the iPad, but I think certain truths will remain. For starters, the device is rather bulky, about 2-3 times thicker than the iPad. Once you get past the difference in physical thickness, your hands start to hurt, not because of the weight, but because the thing runs so hot your hands are burning after holding it for a few minutes.

Let's talk features. I was curious to get the camera working. So, I looked for a physical hardware button to take a picture (because just about everyone other than Apple does that). Well, no photo button to be found. I was in the Windows 7 interface and could not find an camera app to launch. So I had to hunt for an alternative. HP has apparently built a custom skin for Windows 7 that gives the device a much more mobile feel with big buttons to launch apps and services. So, I launched that skin and found the camera app. The camera seemed to work well based on the fluorescently lite cubical environment, but hey, what can ya do. I now know why spy cam shots are always blurry and video is shaky.

I did not see the physical keyboard button when I had my time with the device, though I am sure it works fine. I did have the same difficult time scrolling (actually in this video, I don't think he actually got it to scroll, but kept saying how fast it was. No comment there). Overall it was very lethargic and a challenge to use. Speaking of which, when in Windows 7 mode, it is impossible to do anything on screen as it is still using the mouse metaphor and there is a cursor on the screen; you don't get the ease of use or speediness you get with iOS on iPad.

Again, these are my impressions of the prototype from a few months ago. Hardware changes, software changes and who knows what the final product will look like if it ever ships, but HP sure doesn't appear like they are going to let this one go...

Video after the break.

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From the Forums: iPhone OS 4.0, Carriers, Windows 7, iPhone Battery Tips

So you say you have some time to kill before the big Apple Keynote today? Why not spend some time browsing our forums, all you need to do is register and you are on your way. Once registered be sure to check out some of the following threads!

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Busted Windows 7 + Intel P55 Express iPhone Sync Fixed for Gigabyte Motherboards -- Asus and MSI Pending

That annoying issue where iPhone sync would fail for Windows 7 users with Intel P55 Express chipsets? Gigabyte has issued a beta BIOS update for their motherboards that should fix things right up.

Asus and MSI, which also use the P55 express on their motherboards, haven't issued any updates yet, but hopefully will soon.

If you're rocking the Gigabyte and do the update, let us know how it works for you.

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Intel Responds to Busted iPhone Sync on Windows 7 with P55 Express Chipset

A few days ago we mentioned issues users were reporting about iPhone Sync being busted on Windows 7 with Intel P55 express chipset. Microsoft said they were looking into it, but now Intel has issued a statement. CNet has the quote and the background:

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