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How to make your jailbroken iPhone feel more like a Windows phone — and why you'd want to

If your iOS device is 'jailbroken' and you're a former Windows phone user, these tweaks and modifications can help make Apple's mobile OS feel more familiar.

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How to switch from Windows Phone to iPhone

If the latest crop of iPhones has you ditching your old Windows Phone, here's how you bring all your data with you.

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Mac Switcher: Can my Windows Phone work with my Mac?

Just because you've bought a Mac doesn't mean you have to buy an iPhone too. Here's how to get your Windows Phone and your Mac working together.

Windows Phone runs a distant third behind iOS and Android in terms of U.S. marketshare, but Windows Phone isn't something to ignore. A lot of Windows Phone handsets are inexpensive and work quite well. The appellation "Windows Phone" may give you a sense that such a device is not to be used with a Mac. But they can coexist quite happily.

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Curious what Microsoft has in store for mobile? Check out Build 2014!

It's a new Microsoft. New CEO. New Office for iPad. And now a new Build 2014 conference to highlight what's coming next. Mobile Nations' crack Windows Phone Central team will be there covering everything live and as it happens, and since Microsoft is a major player — and major services provider of Mac, iPhone, and iPad — all of our interest levels are high.

For complete coverage, including a handy guide on what to expect from the show, including Windows Phone 8.1 hit the link below!

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Microsoft super-happy Windows Phone is outselling non-existent cheap iPhone!

Apple has 0% share of the under $400 phone market, yet Microsoft is ecstatic they're managing to out-sell Apple in exactly that market. Phones still feel new, even though the market is huge. In the car market, Chery outselling BMW in China wouldn't get the same kind of pickup, because it's better understood and, frankly, enjoys more mature coverage.

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Instagram comes to Windows Phone, brings some great photographers along with it

Instagram was originally iPhone-only, but eventually expanded to Android. Now, Instagram (beta) has landed on Windows Phone](/) as well. That means not only will there be even more great photos to enjoy, but even more great photographers to enjoy the from. Sure, there have been unofficial Instragram apps on the platform for a while, there's nothing like an official one to really drive adoption. Daniel Rubino for Windows Phone Central:

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Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile

Kevin of CrackBerry, Phil of Android Central, Daniel of Windows Phone Central, Derek of Mobile Nations, and Rene of iMore talk about the state of mobile. How many platforms is Android, what's happening with BlackBerry, can Microsoft deliver, and what's next for Apple?

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Anyone interested in trading in their iPhone for a Windows Phone? Anybody?

While Apple reports record first weekend sales after launching the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Microsoft it seems is running around trying convince folks to ditch their iPhone and jump to a Windows Phone. No, really. After a similar promotion where Microsoft stores would accept an iPad in trade in against a Windows 8 tablet, Forbes reports the folks from Redmond are to begin accepting iPhones as well:

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Halo: Spartan Assault is worthy of envy, will we ever see it on iOS?

It isn't every day that something on Windows Phone has us green with envy, but since its big unveil, Halo: Spartan Assault has given us a case of the green-eyed monster. However, since taking possession of a Nokia Lumia 925 – more on that soon – and a copy of the game, one thing is clear; I really hope Microsoft gets this out on other platforms for everyone to play.

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