Theragun G3PRO review: Treat yourself with percussive therapy

As I'm trying to do some more daily exercise to improve my lifestyle and overall health (Beat Saber is really intense, yo), my muscles and body get sore more often now. And when my body is aching, I just want to relax and get a massage, so my muscles can loosen up and unwind. But going to get a massage every few days can be costly, as those prices definitely add up.

So what's the next best thing? Giving yourself a massage, with the help of a percussive therapy device. Say hello to the Theragun G3PRO.


  • Helps provide relaxing deep tissue treatment at home
  • Quieter than previous iterations
  • Two custom speeds (29 or 40 percussions per second)
  • Comes with six different attachments
  • Two swappable rechargeable batteries last 75 minutes each


  • Pretty expensive
  • Still fairly loud
  • Can be hard to reach certain spots by yourself
  • Best used at home

While the Theragun G3PRO may be best described as a professional device, this is still a good product for anyone, honestly.

It's like having your own personal masseuse

Theragun G3PRO: Features

Theragun G3PRO all components

The G3PRO is the third iteration of the Theragun, and it's the best version yet. Even if you've never heard of or used a Theragun before, this is a great starting point, as long as you can get past that price point.

When you purchase the G3PRO, it comes with all of the following: Theragun G3PRO (obviously), six pro attachments (dampener, large ball, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone) with carrying pouch, a premium travel case, two lithium-ion batteries, and a lithium-ion battery charger. There is also the free Theragun app on the App Store, which has some guides on how to use the Theragun to treat every body part for maximum relaxation.

Theragun G3PRO in hand

The Theragun itself is shaped like a hand mixer. It's easy to hold and has an adjustable and extendable arm to suit many positions. The attachments are easy to swap out, and the fact that it comes with two batteries means you can always swap and charge, so the G3PRO is ready when you need it. It does take some time to fully charge, so you'll want to juice up both batteries ASAP before getting started. Each battery lasts around 75 minutes, so you get about 150 minutes total.

While you can use the Theragun however you'd like on whichever muscle you want (it just takes 30 seconds), the Theragun app is a must if you don't even know where to begin. It covers all major muscles, such as your back, feet, glutes, neck, hands, and more. The app also has covers things like carpal tunnel, jet lag, sleep, tech neck, morning, and more. No matter what you need, the Theragun app probably covers it.

Theragun app

Each of these categories can feature one or more sections, with images that demonstrate where you should use the Theragun and for how long. Some treatments work best when you do them multiple times a day, so the app provides that information for you too.

Using the G3PRO is a breeze. The power button is conveniently placed on the handle, and you can switch between two speeds with the button above the power. Sensitive is 29 percussions per second, while Standard is 40 percussions per second. The G3PRO packs in 60 pounds of force behind it, so if you really need some deep tissue treatment after a marathon or extensive workout session, the 40 percussions will work wonders.

And having the six different attachments really lets you customize the experience and get the proper treatment. For example, the cone attachment will penetrate the deepest, making it perfect for places like the shoulder blades.

Even just a little bit goes a long way

Theragun G3PRO: What I Like

Theragun G3PRO in use on bottom leg

I'm not an athlete by any means, but my body does get sore after intensive workout sessions or tense from stress sometimes. I have found that using the Theragun G3PRO for at least 30 seconds on my sore spots does help out a lot in terms of making me feel better and more relaxed.

Since I'm always at my computer typing away, I often feel signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. I have found that using the Theragun on my hands and lower arms has helped alleviate the pain when it arises. And after a good Beat Saber session, or a nice, brisk walk, I just want to use the Theragun on my shoulders, legs, and feet to relieve the soreness and tension. With my muscles unwinding and feeling more relaxed, I have noticed that it is easier for me to fall asleep at night.

Theragun G3PRO with spare battery

I was a bit lost when I first got the Theragun G3PRO, since I have had no experience with the previous iterations. But since there is a free app, I have found it incredibly useful to have. With it around, I just need to look up the muscle or issue that I am experiencing, then use the Theragun as instructed, and I feel so much better. The app is a fantastic tool for Theragun newbies when it comes to understanding the basics.

I've also been fine with the standard ball attachment because it seems to work just fine for my needs. But I love the fact that the device comes with a variety of different attachments, with all of them geared for different forms of treatment. It lets you tailor your Theragun experience to exactly what you need. Having two batteries, along with travel accessories and chargers, helps with the convenience factor too.

It still sounds like a jackhammer

Theragun G3PRO: What I Don't Like

Theragun G3PRO

While the Theragun G3PRO is a fantastic little machine that packs quite a punch when it comes to deep muscle and tissue treatment, I am not a huge fan of how much noise it makes. Even though the G3PRO is supposed to be 50 percent quieter than previous iterations of the Theragun, it's still loud enough to be distracting. This isn't something that you would just whip out at your desk in a shared office when you need it, because people will notice when you use it, especially if you're in a quieter setting.

And the other big issue I have is the price. I get it—this is a "pro" percussive therapy device that provides amazing deep tissue treatment for your body, but $600 is still a big pill to swallow for most people.

Fortunately, Theragun makes the liv Percussive Massager Muscle Stimulator and regular G3 Percussive Massage Muscle Stimulator for $290 and $399, respectively, if you want something a little more budget friendly. However, keep in mind that the liv only has one speed and two attachments, while the standard G3 has four pro attachments.

Take a few moments to truly unwind and relax

Theragun G3PRO: The Bottom Line

If you're someone who often experiences muscle soreness or tension, then the Theragun G3PRO is a fantastic machine to have at home. Despite the "Pro" name, this device can be used by anyone, and the large variety of attachments makes it even better. With a total combined battery time of 150 minutes with two swappable batteries, the G3PRO should always be ready when you need a quick massage. The app is also a must if you have no idea where to start, or just want a proper guide on how to use the device each time.

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