Amazon is offering its Prime members $30 off select Kindle E-readers

Amazon knows how important reading is for the mind and the soul. Right now the company is offering Prime members $30 off select Kindle E-readers.

The Kindle is down to $49.99 from its regular $79.99; the Kindle Paperwhite was originally priced at $119.99, and is now on sale for $89.99 and the Kindle Oasis WiFi + Free Wireless Connectivity was $359.99 now on sale for $309.99. Check out the full selection here.

If you are an avid reader like myself you might already know that a Kindle beats an iPad hands down. Calm down my fellow Apple lovers and let me explain. I love my iPad for storing pictures, important files and documents, and the never-ending amazing apps and games. But not for reading. The Kindle is specifically designed just for reading. You will not be distracted by the many apps or other features that an iPad offers. I also find it more reliable for long reading sessions because of its massive battery life. If I want to take my Kindle with me to the park, the beach or while traveling, I can do it without the stress knowing that if I lose it, I would lose everything, like I would with an iPad.

A Kindle also makes for a better gift to someone who is not super technically inclined. If I were to give my mom or dad a Kindle it would be easy to explain to them, and they would not get overwhelmed. If I gave them an iPad, they would instantly go into shock with all the "gizmos and gadgets". They would most likely say "I would rather just have a book" and hand it back and tell me to keep it because they "don't need all that fancy stuff."

For those who do appreciate the technical features, the Kindle offers some great ones. For instance, The Kindle Paperwhite is designed to look like paper to make you feel as though you are reading a paperback. For those who may have poor eyesight like me, you can easily change the font and the font size. They are also lightweight, so much so that you can hold it in one hand without putting tons of strain on your arm. Happy reading!

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