Twitter for iPhone and iPad has been updated with a more consistent experience when migrating between the two form factors. Previously, Twitter offered rather unique experiences when using either the iPhone or iPad app, but now the company has brought the two versions closer together with today's update. The new release mainly affects those with an iPad.

To better reveal what's new in this latest release (as well as how the company has worked to unify its apps), an official blog post was published. The company has developed a framework to accommodate the multi-device ecosystem that is iOS, calling it "adaptive UI". Starting with a solid typography, Twitter then looked at the kind of devices that will use the app, orientations, canvases, size classes and any constraints for the elements aforementioned.

"By examining each of these characteristics, we can determine an optimum line length that makes reading comfortable and easy, regardless of the text size you've chosen. We can adjust the baseline type size so the content feels right relative to the size of the view. We can adjust image presentation for the orientation of your screen, giving you a better photo browsing experience. We can change the presentation of information: views that use push navigation on a phone may live side-by-side on a wide enough screen. We can optimize behaviors: what's easily accessible to your thumb on your phone may be hard to reach on a tablet if we don't adapt to the environment."

The new iPhone and iPad framework and process are considered to be like a pyramid, whereby most elements respond automatically depending on the device, including content width, while some things required slight modification. Having this new framework in place, Twitter is also better prepared to develop into the future. It's worth noting that there still remains some differences in features between the two apps, though the company has pledged complete parity.

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But, should you be rocking an iPad, you'll now be able to at least take advantage of the new quote system, while browsing trending topics and checking product and place pages, among other features previously reserved for iPhone owners. You can grab the latest update from the App Store on both your iPad and iPhone.

Source: Twitter

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