Velvet Caviar iPhone Case review: Stunning and protective

Velvet Caviar Holo Moonstone iPhone cases
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I love a pretty case, but this is more than that. There are tons of fun, fashion-forward patterns from which to choose, but make no mistake: this is a sturdy, protective case to set your mind at ease. If you like having a grip on the back of your phone, you can purchase one of Velvet Caviar's ring grips to match (or contrast with) your case pattern.

The Good

  • Fashion-forward patterns
  • Protective case
  • Coordinating ring grip (sold separately)
  • Raised bezel around screen and camera
  • Wireless charging compatible (without ring grip)

The Bad

  • Not to everyone's taste
  • Smooth plastic doesn't offer grip

Pretty and protective

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case: Features

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case

This Velvet Caviar case was love at first sight. I realize that not everyone will enjoy this style of case, but if you like pretty cases, you simply must give Velvet Caviar's gallery a gander. You'll find marble, agate, camo, floral, waterfall, and many more styles. I chose Holographic Moonstone, a. colorful marble with a metallic, holographic vein running throughout. Velvet Caviar makes cases for every model iPhone from the 6/6s to the current models.

I generally don't mind sacrificing a bit of protectiveness for a thin, attractive case, as long as I'm up on my AppleCare+. But with Velvet Caviar, no sacrifice is necessary. While it's not the heaviest of heavy-duty cases, it's certainly not a minimalist barely-there case, either. It's a solid compromise between thinness and protection. A raised bezel around the screen and the camera means that no matter which way you set it down, glass is never contacting the table. Velvet Caviar calls their case FirmFlex, meaning it's a blend of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate to maximize drop protection. The case fits comfortably in my hand and feels solid.

I'm a match-your-case-to-your-outfit kind of gal, and this case will be in heavy rotation for me.

The Sleep/Wake buttons have clicky button covers. The volume buttons sport a "-" and a "+" while the Sleep/Wake button has the tiniest VC embossed upon it. This is the only branding you'll see on the outside of the case. The mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port all have appropriate cutouts that are sized just right. The Lightning port cutout is large enough to fit my third-party cables that have wider plugs. Wireless charging works just fine, unless of course, you add a grip on the back.

The printing on the case is just stunning. It does appear to be glued on, but I picked at it a little bit and nothing came loose. If it did start to peel, you're covered, at least for a year. Velvet Caviar products carry a one-year warranty. The inside of the case is lined with soft microfiber.

The case is smooth; there are no rubbery or grippy edges like some cases have. Velvet Caviar does sell a ring grip that you can adhere to the back. I got one that matches the pattern so perfectly that the striations in the marble actually line up. No rule says you have to buy a matching ring grip, of course. You can get something totally different for a look that is uniquely you. The ring grip not only gives you a more secure phone grip, but it also acts as a viewing stand for watching videos.

An instant favorite

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case: What I like

I'm a match-your-case-to-your-outfit kind of gal, and this case will be in heavy rotation for me. I like that it offers some serious drop protection without being terribly bulky. It's just a stunning look, and if Holographic Moonstone isn't your favorite, there are tons of other fashion-forward styles. I just love how it looks. I also like the ring grip, sold separately, that matches the case perfectly.

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case

Not everyone's cup of tea

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case: What I don't like

I recognize that this kind of case is not everyone's style at all. It may be too "cute" for you. Or, if you like a slim, minimalist case, this one will be too thick for you. On the only hand, if you like a heavy-duty tank of a case, this isn't quite that either. It is a plastic case, and I know that some people prefer natural materials. Besides that, the only critique I can think of is that there is no grippiness to the case. It's not slippery, but it is smooth.

The hotness

Velvet Caviar iPhone Case: Bottom line

This case is pretty yet protective. With a fashion-forward laser-printed pattern in a variety of styles, your case is sure to stand out from the crowd in the best way. The FirmFlex case blends soft TPU and hard polycarbonate for solid protection without huge bulkiness. You can find more patterns on Velvet Caviar's Amazon storefront and on their own website. Choose a case for any model from the iPhone 6/6s up through the current models.

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