Weather 2x for iPhone and iPad review

Weather 2x is an iPhone and iPad app that will make even the worst of weather conditions look amazing -- especially on the iPhone 5's new display. The information provided by Weather 2x includes the current condition and a 5-day forecast that can be broken up into 3-hour intervals. Weather 2x does not include in-depth details about the weather, like radars, but rather focuses on bringing the most important information to you in an elegant and beautiful package.

The main screen of Weather 2x will show a photo that represents the current weather conditions at the location you are viewing. These photos are absolutely stunning and really make Weather 2x a joy to look at. Elegantly placed over the photo, you'll see the current temperature, city, time, and a small description about the current weather, like "Clear/Sunny" or "Cloudy". If you tap the screen once, the little description will be replaced with a row of new information: precipitation, visibility, humidity, pressure level details, and wind speed and direction.

A double-tap to the screen will bring up the 5-day forecast. On the iPhone, the forecast will slide up from the bottom, and on the iPad, it will part open a section of the bottom of the screen to reveal itself. On the iPhone, you can also slide the screen up, instead of double-tapping, to bring up the 5-day forecast if you prefer. For each day, Weather 2x will show an icon that represents the weather and the anticipated high and low.

To see the forecast over the next 5 days in 3-hour intervals, slide the screen over to the left for a scrollable list. For each interval, you'll see an icon and the forecasted temperature.

If you slide the screen to right, you'll see a list of all the places you've saved and all their current weather conditions. To delete a city, hold your finger down on it to put it in "jiggly" mode, then hit the x to delete. You can also rearrange your locations when they're in jiggly mode.

The Settings screen is where you go to switch to the metric system or 24-hour time as well as enable sound effects, iCloud sync, local weather, and the time.

The good

  • Stunning weather visuals featuring subtle animations
  • Track, manage and maintain unlimited weather locations around the globe
  • Current weather conditions
  • 5 day weather forecast
  • Hourly weather forecast breakdown
  • Extended weather information including Precipitation, Visibility, Humidity, and Pressure level details, and wind speed and direction
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • View current weather conditions for multiple cities
  • Gesture driven interface
  • Sync preferences and weather locations via iCloud
  • "Local Weather" feature - automatically updates based on current location
  • Share weather conditions via Twitter or Email

The bad

  • Some users report that the temperature can be 5-10 degrees off

The bottom line

Weather 2x is an absolutely gorgeous weather app for both the iPhone and iPad -- the best I've seen. The included gestures are perfect and intuitive and the information is displayed and organized in a very elegant manner. If you're in the market for a beautiful weather app for your iPhone or iPad or both (with iCloud sync!), do not pass this one up.

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Leanna Lofte

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